Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Three Things !!!

Three things that scare me

  • Failure.
  • Losing someone’s faith.
  • Not having enough money.

Three people who make me laugh

  • Cyrus as Semi Girebaal.
  • My niece(s) and their antics.
  • My best friend sarish and his sense of humour

Three things I love

  • Adventure sports.
  • God’s own country.
  • My mom’s sambhar and other comestibles.

Three things I hate

  • Unfair people.
  • Having to prove myself to anyone.
  • Me gaining weight especially on my tummy side.
Three things I don't understand
  • Religion and Reservations and how well its used against each one of us.
  • Computer programming and the financial markets aka BSE, NSE, NASDAQ etc etc.
  • Why cant I be accepted the way I am, especially when my actions speak louder than my words.
Three things on my desk
  • Books and a bottle of water.
  • My deepest thought written on scrap paper in code.
  • Left overs from what I was doing last before I left my seat.
Three things I am doing right now
  • Working hard to get back to shape.
  • Helping someone regain their lost life.
  • Getting ready for a well deserved holiday.
Three things I want to do before I die
  • Write a book.
  • Go on a world tour.
  • See my mom go to bed without having to worry about me.
Three things I can do
  • Play fair.
  • Help others.
  • Hide my feelings.
Three things you should listen to
  • Kids.
  • Your parents.
  • Your conscience or inner voice.

Three things you should never listen to

  • Boorish personalities.
  • The local “Mr. Know all”
  • Big talks given by head honchos.
Three things I'd like to learn
  • To fly a fighter plane.
  • Computer programming.
  • Understand the share market.

Three favourite books

  • Avenger by Fredrick Forsyth.
  • The Broker by John Grisham.
  • The autobiography of Steve Jobs, CEO Apple Inc.

Three Simple Things about Me

  • I am least fussy about food. I can eat whatever is cooked J no complaints at all…
  • I don’t like formal wear, hence am always in jeans and jerseys including Mondays…
  • I am what I am, I am still the same guy you knew 10 years / 10 months / 10 days / 10 secs back…

Three beverages I drink regularly

  • Coffee.
  • Pesticide aka pepsi :)
  • Warm water with honey.

Three one liners i frequently use

  • Geez christ .........
  • Aah i see...
  • I am what I am you take it or you leave it, whatever you choose it's fine with me...

Three things that I regret

  • Falling in love.
  • Croaking when all I want to do is sing.
  • Having 2 left feet, i.e. not being able to dance !!!.

Three things I always look for in people....

  • Their Nature.
  • Their Behaviour.
  • Their sense of Humour.
Three things that I am proud off
  • My parents.
  • My siblings.
  • My upbringing.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Televised for replay !!!

i am back, i guess i cant stay without speaking my mind for long. i mean i did try to let go of my routine stuff which included troubling my nieces, biking and of course blogging but i realised pretty fast enough that these are the very things that fuel my mundane life....

where else apart from my blog can i get this chance to speak what i want, write what i want without a care in the world. this is after all my space and what i choose to do with it being of course my prerogative :)

so what brings me in now ? aah well nothing great, i was just browsing the tv channels and found a couple of things that suprised me :) so here goes the list (not necessarily in the order of importance tho... )

1. Aah the item girl wanted to distribute computers to arthur road jail inmates and when permission was refused she raved and ranted as if the world is coming to an end. She did the same thing while getting all smootchie smootchie. apart from smirks from people around she didnt get anything else i guess. Ohh i forgot i reckon she gained ENOUGH cheap publicity, which is why it happend in the first place :)

2. A prominent news channel for advocating the devil, bhooth whooth and what not. they even got a sicko to come along and tell us how we should resort to jaap etc to ward off the evil. as if all the fraud baba's and sanyasins we get to see on television werent enough. Admit it, we have 350+ gods and godess and its really suprising we still allow these parasites to render us bare.

3. The K series. Not that i ever watch it, but sometimes vanity gets the better of me and i just sit around with my niece and elder sis listening to those sob stories. Invariably i will ask, isnt this guy the villain, how did he become a hero here and my sis will resort angrily "are who K___ serial mai hai yeh tho K___ serial hai" and i am like ohh yeah whtever...

4. dada in a cheerful mood for a change and it was nice to hear him speak openly about cricket and his future plans. that man has seriously got the potential but its just that at times he gets it to his head which is when he starts acting funny.

5. sadamm and his relation to my god's own country. well actually i have no right to call it as "my" as i am a fraud. i dont belong to the land of my ancestors, neither to my birth place as i left it on my own will. Currently I am holed up at a place which even in the remotest sense would never be a part of me. The anonymity, my career prospects and the climate being the only clinching factors that makes me stay on here for the past 2 years...

6. the ABCD, american born confused desi who returned home to rave and rant about how bad the traffic is, the infrastructure woes, the rotting civic sense etc but still had no shame to urinate at the compound wall ostensibly since it wasnt his place. I wanted to give him a piece of my mind, but just smiled since i remembered the funny ad they showed on tv and the actors dialogue " aadmi par terah terah ke pressure hote hai" hahaha hillarious...

but then we all have come to accept the fact that these days anything and everything makes it to the news channel. First they bored us with abhi-ash affair, then the bentley car saga and before that the munna bhai case. Looks like the media has forgotten it has the role of a watch dog and not that of a pet dog....

the way things are as of now, i guess there's more waiting to happen...........

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The END or is it ?

Buona sera! Come va?. thanks for stopping bye. I realised that in the last couple of days I just stopped so many things in my life without telling anyone why.. and without even a warning of course.

Lets just say there are several things in my life that prevents me from being my best, being my real self. I met my distant older brother who stays oppsite my apartment. i didn’t even notice him rather he did and his only question was “You look jaded are you ok ?“ I changed the topic, I guess I had enough to worry about.

Lets just say there are enough qualms and scurries, heartaches and headaches. I miss those good old carefree days, when planning for the moment was my focus and planning anything beyond a miracle. Its one of those things that cant be helped by writing or talking about, you just have to grind your teeth and bear it …..

Its taking me all my patience and wits to keep myself under control. Dee is aghast how I am taking things so lying down and so is someone else. Having said that I guess there is little else I could do. Regaining some of the lost ground is my priority at this moment and hence taking things in my stride a part of the strategy.

But failing that, this will be the last you hear from me. It’s been a worthy ride so far, and I really loved the anonymity that the blog and my pseudo name bought. When that happens this blog will fly around in cyberspace looking very much a nondescript entity as its master was, outdated and more or less ready for the cyber-scrapyard.

As for now, it’s just another day in the life of me…..

Sunday, February 11, 2007

And Blessed I am….

Today my sweetheart grew “YOUNG” by a year more. A momentous ocassion for me as I am forever fascinated by the fact that someone who reached only till my elbow just a few moments (literally speaking) ago now reaches my waist in such a short time. The pride you feel as you see her gigle and laugh, & the innocence she has fills you with such tremendous bliss.

I spent the whole morning decking up the hall for the evening party as also a major portion of the evening being a perfect host. At the end of the day I was tired and exhausted but still I sat down to finish some work when I accidently happened to get my hands on my file that stores my important letters.

I took out the first one and read it. Then the second and third and so on till about an hour passed and I had finished reading them all. Then she came out and like a big aunt shouted at me and asked me to go to sleep and not spoil my health. I waved out to her and she came in and sat on my lap. Then together we sang happy birthday all in private and of course in the right spirit.

As I sang I noticed the sparkle she had, the love and care she had for me. I carried her around for sometime before tucking her in bed.

Finally within the confines of my private space, I opened my drawer to take out my personal diary and wrote.

Dear God,

Never mind the constant harrassment you receive from my prayers, I just realised I truly am blessed.

Thank you.

The Avenger….

I felt proud just like the guy does in the ING vyasa ad, he echoes the same sentiments I have and the same reasons that I do.

I lay down to finally get blissful sleep after a pretty loooooooong time….

Thursday, February 08, 2007

All work and no play....

How many hours of work should be enough? When I talk about work, what I mean is working to a level of satisfaction as expected from an employee and an employer’s perspective.

Think about it, we all have different schedules and depending on the size of our ego, work ethics, end user etc we either take work as a full time profession or something as a necessity i.e. it needs to be done or is expected to be done…

A recent report rated Bangalore as amongst the unhealthy and stress ridden cities. Does it have something to do with our silicon valley of India tag? Or is it cause of the fact that most of the techies here except me of course average 50-60 hours a week?

I even know of one Indian multinational where if you don’t average 9.5+ hours every week, the HR sends you an email demanding an explanation. Sound’s ridiculous but it’s a fact and is corroborated by my friend who works for this firm.

I know people who are so fanatic about being seen in office (an image building excercise i believe) that unless they sit in office for at least 10-12 hours a day they are not satisfied. Probably the only person who would not mind those kind of work hours would be 28 year old Mario Lavandeira of (the most popular blog in the world), he averages 19-hour workdays that start at 5:15 a.m.

I mean c’mon think about it. If you spend 10 hours working, 2-4 hrs traveling that leaves you with just about 10 hours for sleeping, brushing teeth, eating and spending time with the family or your hobbies and passion. To be honest you have “no life, are always working, and possibly can never take a vacation." Put it simply you don’t even remember the last time you did something better…something that changed the mundane course of your life.

Ohh btw I did a rafting trip within 2 weeks of a partial recovery from an accident. The only reminder of the accident on the trip was a stinging left side of my body and a bit slurred speech. I guess I did fine since I am planning to take a rafting guide course and yeah the adrenalin flow compensated pretty much for all the hardship I had to endure prior to taking the course and at the end of it. :)

So here is what I would like to know from my readers

1. How would you describe a typical day in your professional life?

2. How exactly do you benefit or provide succor by averaging 10+ hours each day in your work life.

3. Last but not the least which school of thought do you fit in to? Work harder or work smarter? Personal success mantra’s anyone?

As I write this I look over my cubicle to find the only person still in office as the clock near's midnight and his reason “What will I do by going home? I am not feeling sleepy that’s why I am here in office..”

I lugged at my already receding hairline as I heard his answer …

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Lost and Found !!!

My brother and I had a love hate relationship. When I was young ( yeah I do feel quite old these days !!) I used to hate him for meddling in my affairs. For me not being able to do what I wanted to was enough reason to dislike him. But I had no choice. Part of my upbringing was to learn to respect elders and he being elder I could never say no to what ever he says. Of course thinsg are better now, ever since the stuff I have between the ears began to grow, I have realised how every decision of his has and would always be in my best interests. Which probably explains why even at this age, I still do EXACTLY what he asks me to do, NO QUESTIONS ASKED………..

We both are extremely different personalities. He is a matter of fact person, reserved, focussed and always keeps himself busy. Indeed he has been a role model for our family. I on the other hand am gregarious, naughty and of course happy go lucky person. In his words, I concentrate only when I am convinced else I will just do a fair job and leave it at that. :)

As time passed he passed his high school with honors and went away to study engineering at a place a good 4 hours from home. Initially he travelled all the distance, but when time became a premium, he decided to stay at the college hostel and moved out. Trouble started once it became clear that he would only come home during weekends. As usual I would be at my naughty best the whole week and as the weekend approached I would be obedience personified to save my behind from the thrashing I would possibly get.

As time passed I became bolder and with dad away abroad I wasn’t afraid to experiment and play the fool. It was during one of those visits that my bro caught me, and as much as I tried to reason with them that it was not my fault he would not listen. I received the thrashing of my life that day and finally as dusk fell, it was clear to everyone that it wasn’t my fault. My bro apologised but thick skinned that I was, I refused to pay heed and withdrew myself completely. We didn’t speak for more than 24 hrs and he finally left for his hostel to come back the following weekend.

Weekend came, but his pride and my ego came between us and our conversation never took place. Mom tried to brooker peace but she gave up seeing our lack lustre response. We sat at the dinner table, quitely ate our meals and retired for the night without even acknowledging each others presence. My other siblings looked on aghast at the turn of events. At the crack of dawn my brother left he had his final year exams and had just come to broker peace between us. I overheard him say that to my sister before he left. By the time I woke up he had already gone, it would be a full 2 weeks before he comes back and I had absolutely no way of reaching him to laud his efforts at getting back to me.

The following 2 weeks were the hardest as I mentally and physically bore the brunt of the attack and cursed myself repeatedly for being such thick skulled. I promised to make up when he came in the next week. 2 weeks made way to 3 and then a month, finally I got a word that he would come home the following week. A full month and a half since we spoke to each other.

The weekend arrived and at the crack of dawn I was up waiting for him to come home, he came in as usual by the first available train. As I opened the door I saw a smile in those weary eyes. We settled down and over breakfast I finally told him how sorry I was for acting so smart and how it wont ever happen again. Our relationship is too precious to be wasted fighting for such silly stuff. I promised him never again would ego or pride find a place in our relation.

He didn’t say a word but just smiled. Finally when he was packing his bags to leave he told me “You should concentrate on your studies. Next year you are going to enter university so study well”. Anyways let me apologise too, it was my fault I should have trusted you a little more. I promise I wont act like this ever again”.

Both of us stood frozen. A big burden was taken down from our heads. I just sat there reading a novel while my brother had one of his hands on the door, he turned and smiled a beatific smile, a smile that radiated and lit up the entire hallway. As for me aah me one could easily sense I had troble breathing….

He then turned his head away and I know for sure he would forever deny it but I swear I saw a tear glistening in his eye. The spell was broken and it was as if the momentous day, the day we were eagerly waiting for all this time had finally arrived. I murmured “ that’s all right bro, it happens I am sure we both will keep our promises”. And from that moment on we never stopped talking again.

I don’t believe in miracles and my faith in god too is being tested of lately. But all I am saying is something great and wonderful happened that day. In the very conscious act of seeking to break the barrier that seperated us, I discovered the solution to my problem.

Sometimes god reveals himself in small albeit conscious way. On that day I experienced another of his magnetism a sparkle known world over as “the power of miracle”

I don’t seek explanation as to how it happened. I am not keen and I don’t care either as to what, when and why it happened, that’s all. Just one thing remained in my heart, on that day 2 brothers who were lost found each other yet again.