Wednesday, April 06, 2011

World Cup Encounters !!

So after a gap of 28 years we got the World Cup. I would be lying if I said I did not utter a prayer, hoping we get the cup this time not for anyone but for Sachin. Somewhere deep down, I very strongly felt that he is worthy of holding the world cup before he retires. The youthfulness that he has, I sure hope it (the retirement) does not happen anytime soon.

Another player I absolutely loved watching this tournament was Yuvraj, it sure was a treat and I hope after his partying and such activities he gets back to the game and keeps giving it his best as he did this tournament. Lastly the person we all love to trash Sreesanth. You might end up saying he is a lucky mascot but more than being a mascot, I think he is lucky himself as luck would have it we ended up on the winning side and he got himself a crore rupees + a villa worth 55 lacs for being such a poor sport.

The only think I feel probably didn’t go well was the fact that I ended up arguing and finally breaking off all ties with an old mate. Well it took me sometime to do that, but I guess he had it coming. We all can act pretty immature when young but for some experience and age does not contribute to any sort of maturity if et all. They all like to live in their so own world guided by lethargic principles and their demented concepts and composure. It was crazy, with me tweeting and being constantly on Facebook and at the same time responding to their stupid messages and emails.

I for starters have a very thin margin of error for such retarded folks and I guess that is what showed up that day. Coming in uninvited, making a totally irresponsible if not pathetic comment and using a public forum to voice what I see as a stupid line of thought was too much I could take. I had to give it back and I did which eventually lead to this, but I can safely say, it never made me feel I went overboard. For now I am glad I don’t have to talk to or act normal with this person and that’s pretty much what matters to me.

Life is looking good, I am getting back to my passions be it reading or just walking around aimlessly. I have a few wants here and there, which are going to be taken care of albeit in due course. I have a few ideas up my sleeve and I am glad I have started to work on them in some ways if not all. I look forward to each day and every trial and tribulation that comes I am confident of facing it as and when it happens...

Is it just the new me or has some bug bit me ... Aah I don’t know and honestly I don’t care as the truth is ... I am LOVING it ...