Sunday, June 24, 2007

MBBS !!!

You come across many people in your work life who seem to have this "Devils Wears Prada" actions to the core. So now that we all have entered the rat race would anyone add what kinda work colleagues they like?

My personal taste has always been for a team thats young at heart. Nope the fairer sex in such a team doenst wear mini skirts and neither are the men all Machos, rather they have an attitude and a mind of their own and that what makes working with them a pleasure.

They are the kinda people who are hands on and who by their sheer energy brings so much to the team. I personally have some of my team guys who are just too good at rolling their sleeves and getting their hands dirty especially when they are not fire fighting. Sure we havent won each time we competed, but then who cares about loses as long as it WAS a team effort and each person undoubtedly gave their best.

But having said that its also important to work with people of different abilities, because at the end of the work day you are thankful you are amongst the priveleged class and hence wont have to take such obnoxious morons anymore and not just that, you seem to appreciate things around you so much more !!!!

Unfortunately most of my Team guys have moved to greener pastures. Some left, some moved to a different project, and others to different business units and when it was time for me to leave we all got together just one last time to celebrate what we call "The Work Life".

Needless to say, it was indeed a pretty good send off party and while I may miss them more, I am sure I am being pushed around to this part of the world only to experience more....

Right now, the present team is filled with all MBBS or expanding it a little more "Member of Big Bum Society" where the only focus is on warming of the seats and procrastinating during crisis to finally doing rounds of the beaurocracy thats so very prevalent amongst the political class...

Its an attitude thats very much existing in my countrymen who still go by the belief "The Winner Takes It All". I agree not everyone can be a Gandhi and lead by example but is it so difficult to be principled than molly cuddle the decisive class?

I would rather survive on plain water than do that and for the rest of the people who do so, good luck and best wishes for some better sense to prevail soon enough....

Weird Things!!!

Winnie asked me to write a post on 6 weird things about me and then tag the rest of the crowd and so here goes,

1. I cannot share what I am drinking with anyone not even my siblings or parents and would refuse outright if asked :(. I can also survive for days on a staple diet of Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee.

2. Crowds terrify me, leave me alone in a crowded place and i will just stand where you left me unable to move further.

3. I am a certified "Penny wise Pound Foolish Peronality" !!!.

4. I hate formal wear and am suffocated when i am in them. i cant button my cuffs and need to have them loose and hanging around else i feel asphyxiated.

5. I can shop only for myself and my siblings, never for anyone else as I just cant seem to figure out what to buy !!!

6. I am floored when I see tall women and more so if they happen to be mal :).

And so I tag Ms Canada, Vidya and Prats !!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Its Raining Yipeee !!!

Yipeeeeeeee its raining , its raining yeaaaaaaa….

You know what I love about the rains, they bring out the silence in me, I feel nostalgic, I am upbeat, I feel romantic and more importantly I feel just so great with all the freshness and greenery around.

While right now in this concrete jungle all I can spot is an overflowing drains, garbage and monster bikes and cars with agitated and frequently honking denizens inside. They surely have no clue on how to enjoy a rainy day. Honestly I too was in the rat race about a month back and as I am writing this post, I am sure unless I have a deadline I would be just right out there getting my free spirit soaked.

And that’s exactly what I did, rushed home, changed over and just rode a little distance to have an uninterrupted view of the city sans its burgeoning traffic and infrastructure woes. The city is great and having said that apart from the climate and intense competition which is good for my career prospects there is nothing so great about it. All the problems that can be associated with urbanization can be found here and it’s only going to get worse.

But hey what the hell, I am just going to be around for a short time more now and who knows perhaps come back and be buried here. I would love to settle down in my this adopted homeland for reasons mentioned above and more but then writing about them would warrant an all together different post :)

But then I am more of an realist and lesser of a romantic and in spite of the fact that I would love to walk in the rain with someone I love, not worry about getting sick the next day etc or generally just letting the feeling of sheer bliss soak in I am yet to come across that someone special who can retain the feeling within me each time I see the rain.

Besides it would take a lot more than just feelings to tolerate an obnoxious buffoon like me and it’s only the seriously “brave” who might want to take a chance. Lesser mortals have fallen flat on their face and once so have I, so I guess there goes the romancing in the rains idea…..

The best bet for a rainy day as such if you cannot step out would you be top yourself with your favorite drink on your balcony or an open space, sit back, relax and soak in the calmness that the environment brings. Suddenly the world ceases to exist and lost in your own world, you experience the sheer power that belief in oneself brings!!!

Rain drops are falling rapidly on me and I am soaked within seconds but yet I just can’t seem to have enough of it. Sorry can’t help it, It’s not always that I am so spirited and optimistic not at least for the past few months :).

Enjoy the rains dearies……………….

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bye Bye My Dear O'L Home !!!

Four walls make up a house but does a house maketh a home? What do you do when the place you called a home ceases to become yours for reasons whatsoever?

As I stepped out from the place I called a home I was left with a feeling of nostalgia. I had spent a major part of the last 2 years stacking the memories that each passing day bought, some good some bad, but most of them precious moments I would never be able to forget for the rest of my life.

There was a time when I would rush from office just to be with my little darlings. Each passing day was like a party and their antics played not just a therapeutic role but also an enriching one and I had immense pride seeing them grow up before my very eyes. Not to forget the antics were also instrumental in distracting me from the mundane life I held and the pressures I faced ….

But my birdies flew away some time back since someone else on account of having a relation that weighs higher awaited them and it’s just right that they fly away. Things were never the same once they left the nest but nevertheless I had enough memories that ensured I shared my private moment with them each day just like the good old days.

As I lit the lamp, prayed and later stacked up to leave, all these memories came flooding in again, each pillar each room had a distinct flavor of its own and I savored them all for the last time. Times are changing and the tree lined boulevards are giving rise to newer entrants and still newer changes but somehow I regaled in those good old memories since they seemed so very precious at this point of time.

I stepped out bags, baggage and memories, I may not see the same place for an awfully long time but I was glad I carried the things that were most precious and counted the most to me wherever I went…

Life …. Here I come …..

Friday, June 08, 2007

Life as I see it !!!

Its amazing how feeling low makes me feel like writing. Not that my ramblings every made sense but nevertheless my page is for me and I am sure no one would care if it doesn’t make sense in the first place.

Its too early to brand myself a loser or perhaps a tad like someone who’s got something missing between the ears but just that I was never good at what is called "The Life".

  • I am yet to turn myself away so as not to see someone cry and not bother to find what ails them...

  • I don’t bow before the demi gods, the god men and the so called wise, sure they intimidate me but I still take them on as always with my head held high because I BELIEVE even if you are not brave pretend to be, no one can tell the difference (and till date no one has)....

  • I am yet to utilize someone or something for my personal gain than appreciating what’s its supposed use is for. I may not give you the complete credit but I wont snatch it away from you completely either.

  • I am not a “YES” man, Have a mind of my own and so also an opinion. Which means I wont accept your viewpoint simply for the sake of appeasement, and hence you can reject me or accept me, whatever you choose its fine with me (my fav dialogue)
{vids and tom must be shouting over the rooftops in unison I know}

  • I play fair or rather try my best to be fair which means if you don’t quite agree to my decision you need to prove me wrong and just like the court of law, my decisions are deemed to be correct unless proven otherwise.

  • I like to do what I can for most people I meet which means even if I am aware I am being utilized I play along, cant let people or an act change the way the basic tenets of living has been taught to me can I?

  • I play myriad roles in this so-called life, and I take each one of them very seriously. They may / may not be the fundamental role a self respecting guy needs to play but I have always made a honest attempt to do my best in each of them...

So you see I am no good at living this so called "the life" and if I have the say in this, I guess I would probably never be....