Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Aah NO not you PLEASE !!!

There was this strange question a friend of mine raised. She asked me "Why I can’t fall in love?" as ostensibly I happened to pass a remark "Falling in LOVE is not for you". What made me say that? At that point of time I just stuck to my stand but I promised there will be a post on this and here it comes.

Ohh btw “The Activists” please hold your horses. The question sounded strange to me because this friend of mine has more important things on her mind, than romance of all things. So when this question was asked, I was amused more than anything else.

This may be an isolated case for some, but I guess there are enough examples in and around so as not to dismiss them off as a rarity. Consider this friend of mine A genuinely good guy who is quickly ascending the ladder at work. He is normal looking, and a real fun guy to be around. More importantly he still believes there are enough righteousness and good happening out there to let go of his principles.

He fell in love sometime back while funnily denying it all the time. He reveled in the closeness they shared. For him her opinions and beliefs mattered and He wanted to meet her to show her his real self and then let her decide if she would want to settle down with him. But unfortunately it didn’t work out for reasons best know to her. She couldn’t connect to him was her answer.

Looking back he feels it’s because when they started as friends, they were just two people who liked each other. Questions like what’s how good they look, how much money they make, their career progress, materialistic possessions etc just didn't matter. As time went on, their feelings for each other did not change, regardless of which path they took in life.

Appreciation flow was bidirectional and they encouraged and backed up each other pretty well. But the world fell apart when she met him for the first time. Suddenly his average looks, and not being able to relate to her occupied center stage.

So my friend understand this. We human beings are fickle minded. What sounds best at the present moment might turn out to be a pain later on. My friend lost out after probably matching the maximum combinations he could conjure, unfortunately he hadn’t accounted for his average looks and his inability to present himself any better.

Listen and listen clear now .. You are a fine gal with your limited wants, earthy nature and non fussy attitude. I have seen what happens when love fails and personally I don’t want you to ever face such a predicament in life.

I am under the belief that good begets good, and hence would prefer that the right person reaches you sifting through the chaff rather than you stand out like a pebble amongst a sack of rice. Besides It's my endeavor to spare you the experience.

I agree I am being selfish or perhaps paranoid but I would rather see you in the present state than in the mess that my friend is.

So now you understand why I said you DON’T QUALIFY ?

I will wait for your bouquets or brickbats when I happen to join office in the New Year. Well what am awesome start that would be for a new year :) ………………

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Trial by Fire !!!

What is it that you want from life ? Well I am pretty sure everyone is faced with this question at some point in life. Before you guys throttle me hey! hey! hey! hang on, I am not joining the ranks of those fraud swamis and sanyasin’s, rather I am trying to figure out what exactly my wants are albeit in an subtle manner!!!

I have had my share of dreams and some are yet to be fulfilled. But honestly speaking everything has been taken care of at the PERFECT time. Now that my wish list is diminishing, I am wondering whether I was right in demanding it in the first place.

There have been many cases wherein I have demanded things to go my way. Fortunately for me somehow the whole world conspired and let me have my way. BUT once I got what I wanted I found that the sheen no longer existed. Suddenly everything seems to be humdrum and would make me feel “did I ask for too much”. Honestly speaking I would not even understand why I asked for it in the first place.

So here is my story. I have ALMOST everything I asked for and for the rest that I feel are my wants those things are on the way. BUT I am yet to figure out why I am demanding, looking around for more, reaching out before time etc.

Nope its not that I don’t see the silver lining, I do in most of the cases but FACT is I see if when I want to and what I want to do is “SEE IT EVERYTIME”.

Why is it so difficult for me to accept that I am not the lone warrior and things happen for the best? Why at the end of the day I still regret not reaching where I intended to and why in spite of our best efforts sometimes you just can’t control the way things go….

As I try and seek the answers for this and in the process know more about what I want from life I forget “HE” has a funny way of revealing answers at his own pace and time.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Career Options Ahoy!!!

Well guess what, I am back from oblivion. I want another job not the regular one where you wait for your boss’s nod (which as ALWAYS is done rather derisively).

Now as I sit doing nothing since the environment is down and we are not expecting anything to happen till late evening today, I thought why not post something on my kind of a perfect job.

Umm so here goes …………….

Option 1: The Traveller (read Vagabond): Avenger likes to travel and travel he does. I am proud of the fact that from an early age I have traveled well and traveled alone and consider myself a seasoned and informed traveler.

Traveling to unknown places, tasting the local cuisine, soaking in the sun are a wonderful experience and I seriously hope someone would agree to pay me for doing this and writing about my memoirs in a bare all book.

Hey but while I am here I might as well take a shot at the Pulitzer Prize I guess!!! :-)

Option 2: The Bartender ( read the Assassin) : I used to work in a bar before. Well before you frown at me, I am still a teetotaler. Yeah, I don’t drink or smoke but I loved that job since it was easy and paid me better than being a Pizza maker :-)

On a serious note, bars don’t just serve alcoholic drinks they also serve a variety of cocktails, mocktails, shooters and calmers (If you don’t know what they mean, visit your nearest bar). The ability to blend up something right and having fun while doing it walaaah !!! what an experience it is going to be :-)

Ohh btw it’s the assassin because mixing up the wrong drinks gives you a hangover and the bartender a black eye :-)

Option 3: Taste Buds : (Yep that’s the name of my eatery !!) I love to eat and I am always ready to taste a new fare. Even during depression my business would survive since people need to eat. At some point of time I intend to start my own restaurant and the best part being I have already found my partners :-).

Option 4: Teaching ( read Prof Avenger !!!): giving back what you learnt and helping people reach their true potential noble thought indeed but I don’t know how successful I would be in this or for that matter in each of the above 4 options. But that wont stop me from trying.

Imparting my knowledge and letting my mates learn from my experience is something that I do in and out, and I am pretty sure I will do a fair job in my new role too.

Well all these are just dreams and one fine day I am sure the entrepreneur bug will bite me and I would be pursuing either one of the above roles. How soon that happens we will need to wait and see ………………..

Right now its jst

Free is all you gotta be ………
dream dreams no one else can see …………..
sometimes ya wanna run away …………………
but ya never know what might be comin' round your way…………………..
ya ya ya………………….

On a day like today…………………
the whole world could change……………………
the sun's gonna shine……………………..
shine thru the rain…………………..
on a day like today…………………

ya never wanna see the sun go down………………..

ya never wanna see the sun go downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.......