Monday, September 25, 2006

A walk towards oblivion !!!

How far can you go alone? I keep asking my self this question all the time. Well I am yet to get an answer for this question but then you don’t move on in life with all the answers do you?

Depending on the circumstances most of us devise ways to keep moving ahead and I am no DIFFERENT. For starters I believe that being alone is the best way to reflect at your inner strength.

Today was my exit day. After 2 weeks of dilly dallying I reached a point when I decided that maybe perhaps I should just say a YES and move on. I mean there is no point in holding on when understanding doest exist.

For the benefit of my readers, please don’t associate this with falling in love and such bull shit, understanding is required in a lot more things apart from LOVE and I am talking about a perfectly sane relationship here so nothing hunky dory here.

As for me I meet many companions day in and day out. Some like me, some hate, some cant stand me, and lastly for some I am exactly what they were looking for. The point here being I match the other side expectation to a high satisfaction levels and they mine.

How, why, when this quantitative comparison was made and the results docked I have no idea. Honestly if I knew what my score rating was and how to go about it, I would have applied that technique to evaluate every stuff I need to and make a right decision the first time, the last time.

But that’s the important part about learning right you make mistakes before you reach the point when committing a mistake seems less frequent and doing the “RIGHT” thing a certainty.

Fact remains, in the walk of life we keep coming across different people. At every cross road some move on and newer people replace them but nothing stops you from walking on. Right now I reached a cross road, where one person who was on my “IMP PPL” list decided to take a diversion.

I decided to wave a good bye and move on partly because I felt I was not being understood and perhaps I did not understand enough to realize some stuff which needed to be understood. The diversion may make me see things in a different light or perhaps explain my position better and who knows the diversion may lead us to meet once more another time.

Its time to retrospect and perhaps if possible check on the quantitative scale whether perhaps the score needs to be improved ….

In which ever sense, I am sure its going to be my last post for sometime to come. How big this “SOMETIME” is depends on how soon I get the urge to write once more .......

Adios guys.....................

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Things that ALWAYS make me SMILE !!!

Talk about fire ranging within. A good one month down the line and I am still exasperated with the absolute stupidity of some, selfishness of others and general ill luck.

Having said that let me focus on the better moments in the past 1 month that bring a smile on my face all the time. Let me start from home,

The early morning alarm I have set on my mobile. Now you may ask what’s so special about it. Well it’s got my eldest niece crooning in her sweet voice asking me to wake up…… Now how good can it get hehehe

My early morning bike ride to office as I smell the wet air and my favorite’s songs on my IPod while riding.

The arrival of the cute girl who sits in the adjacent cubicle and the way she waves a Howdy Suds !!!

The smell of freshly brewed cappuccino as it rushes out of the machine and runs down my parched throat

The slight banter I indulge in when I sit with my office colleagues for breakfast

The sight of the clock reading 4’Oclock which implies home is just about an hour away.

The running of my 1 year old youngest niece when I open the door as I reach home and call out her name..

A hot and very tasty home made dinner, served with lots of love and care by my mom

Tom and her flirty ways ……. How in spite of being Tom, deep down she still cares a wee bit for ya….. (tho she will pretend she doesnt)

Vids with her calmness, acute sense of responsibility and her helping mentality which makes me respect her so much….

My best friends (read 2) who in spite of being very busy and married themselves still make it a point to say a quick hello, how are you, I am fine, take care, see you later, tata bye bye call….

And finally when I hit my bed and start classifying my activities for the day under “Right” and “Wrong” and finding that the number of entries under the “RIGHT” column far exceeds the entries under “WRONG” column.…

Reminds me Bon Jovi did sing ………

And Tuesday just might go my way
It can't get worse than yesterday
Thursdays, Fridays ain't been kind
But somehow I'll survive

Hey man I'm alive I'm takin' each day and night at a time
Yeah I'm down, but I know I'll get by

Hey hey hey hey, man gotta live my life
Like I ain't got nothin' but this roll of the dice
I'm feelin' like a Monday, but someday I'll be Saturday night

Friday, September 15, 2006

All in a Day's work

Strange are the ways of life. It takes you on a all time high at some point and all of a sudden just when you feel you have it all figured out, it kicks your behind and lets that feeling of contentment disappear.

How I wish someone read my mind and understood what I am going through. A couple of times Ms Pricey came close to reading it, but would take a wrong turn just at the crucial juncture and thus go off track. Tom sensed it but never came close to realizing it since I was good at masking it or taking it off track.

Mom knew something was amiss but thought it was work related and didn’t want to interfere much, my sis was immune and in her own world and my niece complaining that I have changed and don’t play with her any more.

Finally when I got a chance to vent it out today while with Tom, I somehow got lost or rather drowned in the obvious turn of events which centered around today. Sadly it’s a feeling I am carrying with me and I am waiting for the only person I know who is capable of sensing it perfectly without my even acknowledging it.

This weekend my travails would end, since I would have an one to one with my mind reader. needless to say I am sure he would give me the answers i seek before i even open up ......

As for what I feel just now aaah just when I feel I have found the key to my success some idiot just goes and changes the darn lock !!!!