Thursday, March 20, 2008

Attoroshious !!! :))

one of those lines read ...

I m very beatiful,cute,glamerous,attoroshious,self motivated.,well educated

and i thought ....

I see the "well educated" seems such a hyperbole at this point of time

"self motivated" is so obvious, this line is all about synonms you associate yourself with

"glamerous" truly so, i am enamored each second i read those lines ...

"attoroshious" how perfect , you read my mind and my feelings

as for being cute and beautiful, i would rather not seep into those areas least they

all seem such a heavy weight package of someone who happens to be a

attoroshiously well educated, glamerously self motivated cute beauty...

My apologies, but i am not sure I can handle that, i really am not sure :))

Friday, March 07, 2008

The smile !!!

I am on sale, yep I mean it, my parents have had enough of me and hence I have been put up on sale. Well for the less inclined, I have been asked to fill in the forms for an exclusive membership to the “misery club”.

Yep you guessed it right, word is out that my joyous days as a singleton should end soon and I be the next sacrificial lamb. When I was confronted with this issue as I was running around for my twin’s marriage and one of those nosy aaanddy (aunty) spotted me and made discrete inquiries, I replied with an emphatic NO.

“I am still young, just have begun to enjoy life, have no money, no house, have an education loan to pay off, need to come up the seniority ladder the list of reasons was endless….

In truth, it scared the hell out of me. Leave behind my independence? To actually stand the scrutiny of nosy aaantiess and ungless (the mallu way), answer pesky questions like why I came back from UK, when will my bro take me to US (as if he has started a cottage industry to give out visas for US) and last but not the least how much money I make?

I refused to be a part of the tirade and cleverly avoided all such questions. Thankfully my parents stood by me and let me decide. I cleverly took an escape bait called “time”.

Today KP called, its his turn to enter the misery club and to talk about KP we both have been chaddi dosts, gawking and singing and dancing and bunking and fooling around all through college, same class, same bench, why even our surnames were the same and small wonder we were stacked one behind the other even at university exams.

I remember how our last talk he mentioned how girls with a bachelors would reject him and then would turn his ire to me and say, you F#####s have spoilt the whole thing called marriage. Everyone wants a techie on account of the money they make and the prestige attached to their position, no one wants a media professional like me !!! …. quite rightly disgusted

Then the acrid smell got to me, suddenly the whole place smelt like shit and I was in no doubt who could be responsible for the putrid smell. My chinese roomie was out on his daily cooking rounds

Kya sooch raha hai bhiddu R asked, and I said kuch nahi re aaise hi

He laughed and then I realized he had asked me something else and the whole q and ans scene was my figment of imagination :)).

“No no.....what’s this KM site all about he asked, shaadi kab hai he inquired

I blinked. Maybe that whatever is left of my receding hair line has made him ask this or perhaps its time for him to begin his second innings since he has reached his forties.

seeing my zapped stance and starry looks he mentioned how much he loves the mallu aviyal and the sadya (traditional feast) and how its almost time to taste them once again and smacked his lips

I said dekte hai re, poora feast bannane mujhe nahi aata, but try karunga and he laughed his guts out, believe me he laughed till his eyes watered and he and S who had joined him mentioned they were talking about wedding feasts in particular

I smiled – and I mean it – I actually smiled.

Guess being on sale cant be that bad especially now when your chaddi dosts have also seem to have taken the bait !!!!

Join me as we put our hands together for KP to welcome him as the latest entrant to the “misery club...

As for me dudes and dudettes .... wish me luck for as its my turn next ...