Monday, March 15, 2010

Attitude is nothing i say ...

There are some things i forgot to do over the past few months. one of them was reading blogs. I mean, i didnt write much myself but its a great pleasure to read the blogs of my fellow counterparts and it set me thinking

We define attitude as everything. A right attitude can lead to this, to that and so on .. but sometimes does having just an attitude helps?

I followed the careers of my few of my friends very closely. I can safely vouch for their technical acumen and their adaptability yet somehow its interesting to note that some of them are way ahead of the others there are a few deserving who dont seem to make much progress. What could be the reason?

As we all sit around and discuss our midlife crises, it also bought to us an interesting point. Sometimes just having an attitude is not of much help. In a professional organization, not just a few instances but many a times we have to agree to things we would not normally do. You can blame it on policy, bad management or sometimes just ill luck. A few of us are fortunate to challenge old epithets and get away with it while a few of us, can just sit and sulk and pretty much do nothing about it. The situation is worse when you are a new entry to a company. You have to prove you are a chip of the old block and that frankly can be your undoing.

Moving on, i guess work wise there are 2 aspects that anyone whos keen on moving up the corporate ladder should know. One is the work aspect you need to be extremely good at your work no doubt, the other being the soft skill aspect. The need to understand the corporate hierarchy and move your ass around the ship always away from the tide touching its stern. A few of them are accomplished players .. they either know before hand the ship is going to sink because of which they jump or they realise which way its going to bend and move towards the other side. Either case some of us lose while there clearly are winners.

I am in such a soup my friend. I can be called a Maoist by people who are averse to communism and a naxalite in a free democracy but fact of the matter is I am still to learn, which way the tide is so as to be not caught unawares. Sure i see success, I see long term gains, but either case some of them are really stuff, I would never do ever again, given a chance.

All said and done the choice this time around is clearly not in my hands and till such a time comes, I have to grind my teeth and bear it all i guess. Attitude is nothing I say .. Move around guys, if you are lucky you might just fit in as some do as for most of us, we clearly never belonged ....