Thursday, February 05, 2009

Where is my job ?

The other day I got zonked. Well for someone who strictly does not follow the 9-5 rule, being zonked is a big deal. In my professional life so far err well maybe not at the start, I have been a stickler for time. Now time in that sense according to me just means deliver when you said you would and hey if you make promises on my behalf, I would just stand up and say “dude .. its not me !!

But then everyone knows office politics and what’s it all about and the little ones who cant play politics will soon be drilled by the fire sergeant to do so as is happening in my case. So getting zonked was a kinda time bomb in the waiting ..

I wish the weekend would come soon .. no not that I have any plans as such, but it’s for a working lunch and boy I can really do with some great home cooked food because for the past 2 weeks I have been surviving on Oats and cereals and fruits alone. Now if my already shrinking waist wasn’t good enough, even my attention pattern seems to be dwindling. The positive aspect, I am asleep the moment my head touches the pillow.

Anyways thanks to the recession and job cuts I have had enough issues trying to save my ass and if that was not enough, I really have some tall accomplishments to be made this quarter. Not that I am hoping to achieve all of them, at least 2 seem impossible to me at this point of time but yet, I would rather try and achieve them then just give up as yet and yeah they changed the damn rule which means I will be appraised every quarter and the sum of which will ultimately give me a 50$ hike in my monthly pay check. Whoever thinks they are much worse off would seem to glow in the midst of our terrible irony …

So as I fight to save my ass, my job and yeah my receding hairline, I just hope you guys are having a wonderful time. In part a big thanks to viva, humpee and yeah KR…it really did take a lecture from you guys to get me away from hibernation but then as I write this post, I want to let out another secret hehehe, I have been blogging on another site from quite some time now and that’s why the step motherly treatment to this blog LOLZZ

So for the regular’s and the not so regular’s I am on the firing line here and I have 2 options now before me, either stand in and be safe or stand out and perish. Which means put on your dancing shoes cause you have to dance to the tune of people who manage you, get out your happy dent smile, because you need to show you brush and you are ok, when deep down you are screaming “B^^^^^^^ F^^^^^^” and last but not the least, leave at least 20 minutes after your boss leaves and arrive 20 minutes before he does so that you are deemed as hard working.

At the end of all this blame game either of the 2 things can happen. I will turn out to be a jerk like the ones I have to deal with in and out each day or I have started my own business the idea for which is still forming and so are the finances and the expertise and the urge and the ……ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Good night guys, sleep tight and yeah have a great working errr great weekend ahead …..