Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This week and the next !!!

I have been getting this urge to write from quite a long time, but fact is, the moment, I sit with the pen and paper (traditional style) or windows word facing me, my mind goes blank. This is so typical of me you see. Here I am all of but 2* years of age, brimming with enthu, all daring and set to go, and then for reasons unknown I just put them down and pick up something else.

Anyways I had a busy weekend and work apart, I had a smattering of issues to tackle. It’s been a pain in the b*** to get some stuff done and the more I delay it the worse it seems to get. So there I am early morning 10.00 waiting for an update from Ms Know all when what was expected was an informal email, documenting the results I had asked for.

To top it all with food in the mouth, all I can hear is a whoosh here a scoop there as I am busy trying to dodge those missiles flying out while at the same time look professional. Then followed vigorous hand movements emphasizing the points and all the time, the can of soda bobbed up and down like a buoy, click I hear a snap and better sense mandated, I step out of the cube least I get a soda bath ….. . I could bet the housekeeping lady would certainly be all steam tonight on account of having to clean the carpet ….

This reminds me a friend of mine has started her own website. Dudes and dudettes ( if ever there was one word as such), feel free to link onto Tia here.

Disclaimer: Enter at your own risk !!!

3 days, 1 car err sorry SUV and 2 bored guys. One a handsome bored young man ( me of course) and the other a 40 something Amitabh Bacchan who thinks he is Antonio Banderas and of course a world authority on anything Mexican ever since he moved to San Diego errr its Saaaan Deeeyaagooo Senor !!!

So bottom line, he wants to track his so called lineage (just kidding) which mandates me driving him 100 miles north of here to a quaint place called San Juan Bautista. We had a good time, he getting drunk and sleeping for the most part of the 3 hour back and forth journey and the 5 hours we spent in San Juan.

As for me there aint any better pleasure than driving at top speed, with an SUV at my command, enjoying the view and going clickety click click. For a change I liked “A” few snaps of mine that someone else clicked :)) …. (reminds me, heyy senorrr, the photos are coming in to saaan deeeyagoo by Friday …) The town is great, just a quaint old town, dotted with little houses on either side, followed by an 1800 built sacristy. I am not a museum freak and frankly more than the little artifacts of history, it was the simplicity that regaled my senses.

The flip side, with so much of eating out, I hear a rumble and then everything flows. Thank god, I skipped dinner last night else it would have been a mayhem trying to juggle work life with these so called frequent bouts of sitting on the you know where….

And yes i discovered this song and frankly, i could just relate to it big time, catch the song here and the lyrics here

But having said that you know the best part, this week is almost over and the next week will be swifter. Had it not been for the huge travel time almost half the time to travel from my hometown to US, I would have spent the weekend there, with my parents and dad’s already complaining I am taking longer than usual to be there with them. Plus my brother graduates from a top league Ivy School and it’s my turn to watch with pride as he walks down the aisle wearing the gown and the satisfied smile on his face.

Eventful week and a more eventful one is on its way. No wonder I am flying in the air waiting for the days to just pass by ….

New Hampshire, here I come ……

Monday, May 12, 2008

Today i lost it all !!!

Today I lost it all, the count, the euphoria, the hope .. the works …

Today I lost it all …..

Gone is my peace, gone is my confidence,

I sometimes wonder, all this over a single incident???

If it was so fragile, how can I ever be agile?

Is it so difficult to learn from the incident …


If it’s so dependent, I would NEVER ever be independent !!!