Sunday, February 03, 2008

Random Thoughts !!!

Phase 1: You have friends for everything. Yeah true, You make friends like a snap it was easy, dn’t even need to try nor ooze all sugar and honey, we all just stuck together like we were meant to be…

You can never forget those days, practically each stage of your life involves them, the pranks, studies, exams, fooling around, never ever was there any sort of competition. Even the arguments would be for fun sake and the end of the day all was forgiven and forgotten….

Phase 2: Career and life takes over. You all go your separate ways and some of us including me (the not so bring ones) were left behind to rot. Slowly but surely we picked up the pieces of our life and are perhaps all set now but yet

Sometimes I wish I was back to those old times when impressions mattered less and being yourself was all it was about

When being stupid was not a crime but a necessity and the goofy laughs and comments cemented the importance the attribute bought

When all you needed to do was ask for help and you had a battalion ready

When someone from the fairer sex was “item” one moment and “bhabhi” the next

When for a simple thing like buying a shirt you would have arm loads of people to decide what looks good on you as well as bargain for ya

Sometimes I wonder what has changed so much about me. I still am friendly though my visage tells otherwise. I still talk so much to people I know/don’t know yet at times I feel a gap, a difference a sense of “I don’t belong here”

Could something be wrong ? I have got everything I could wish for absolutely no complaints even a great job, yet somewhere down the line I wish I was a kid once again, just once

Random thoughts, just too many random thoughts that crosses my mind as I shuttle down the interstate I-880 S at 80 mph, a good 15 mph over the allowed limit…..

For all I know my time is not up, no not just YET !!!


At Monday, March 3, 2008 at 8:44:00 AM GMT+5:30, Blogger Vidya said...

Life is all about looking forward man! Reach out a.k.a Call me! :D



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