Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Think !!

I think i am strange or at the most i am slowly on my path to be deemed a lunatic. what could be wrong you may ask? hell nothing is, its just the way i am which is why i said i am strange.

you see i am an outgoing person, talk to people easily, get alongs with all sorts and know how to hold my ground aganist anyone. which means dont try to push me, i will throw you back, dont try to molly cuddle me i will just snap back. just be ok, just be fine the kind i want you to be always and each day.

when i am patient, i can lead you to the edge, most often to the point of frustration by being nice and at times i may snap just like this and put you off.

I am not approachable. you met me first you may not want to see me more, but the more you see me the more you want to know what i think or what i feel (depends on person to person)

I can be observant and most often catch things that may have missed your eye, which is why when i recall dates or certain features of something like the modulated casing with the green lined battery compartment, or the reddness on your skin which tells me you used a hair remover, i get the "how did you know that?" look

At times all i do is ask questions and at times ( rarely) i answer questions. When i answer i will answer just to the point like a seasoned politician and always have a disclaimer ready "you can assume whatever you want, i am neither going to approve it nor deny it" and when i ask, i get my answers

When i am not reading a book or an article i can most often be found reading others, try to read their thoughts, observe animated expressions from people around and just stay put in my own comfort zone

but obviously not for long, people who know me always tend to observe when I go quiet and since my yakkety yak is the significant source of noise pollution around i guess i will be back in action sooner than i thought...


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