Sunday, January 20, 2008

All in a life !!!

In a life where you have lost and gained enough how does it feel when you think about someone you lost sometime back or even recently? My case has been quite different, initially it’s always been difficult for me to accept the fact that we are far apart and I would blame myself for the mess. Besides something I would rather not do unless required is to give up on someone especially when things go sour….

But apparently not many recognize this trait or approve of it which explains why I do have a fair share of people I have lost ostensibly perhaps because I held them too tight or perhaps they outgrew me faster !!!

But today when I look back at things I lost some DO hurt, but for most, I am just glad its over and had it still been on, it would have been platonic to say the least and perhaps just for keeps sake. So put it best I am glad it’s over….

Things were misled, misinterpret and misunderstood and that explained the importance of communication to me but yet at the end of it, sometimes I do wish we could go back to those good o'l days when things were at its best and we shared old tales of yore and the likes

I admit if there is something that still attracts me most about anyone it has to be their ability to communicate and to be heard and relate. Sometimes my gut feeling has let me down like some people I met via networking or social sites and some let me down after taking me to an all time high, but all said and done its an accepted part and parcel of everyday life and had I not experienced them all, my life and me in particular would never have been the same….

So guess what broken heart does not in any sense mean just a failed love or relationship, like all relations, friendship too is serious business and as usual the moment it breaks, it takes everything along with it, including the stability and composure of your heart..

Sometimes It’s not about time constraints or ego or any such hassles, if you feel like going its better to go with an open heart and a good talk.

Yet understand the fact that you would make friends in the most unusual of the places, still no one can replace even a single person who has entered your life. Because if they could in the first place, you would never be able to appreciate them in the same sense since they are like someone else you know. This explains why we have so many gods and goddess, none can replace either, they may substitute but NEVER replace another.

So tonight when I am so bored and I spent some time thinking about people I lost, I do want you guys to know, I did my best to make things work. And this post is my way of getting back to you and the good times we shared.

I hope you guys find happiness in whatever you do, The world is a small place and if we ever meet ( like my recent nemesis at Vegas) I wish we stop, share a smile, a handshake, wish each other well and move on

Hope this new year started off on a good note for you and here's wishing you all a great life ahead ….

God Bless you ALL !!!

The Avenger!!!


At Monday, January 21, 2008 at 4:51:00 PM GMT+5:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah! The Mushy Avenger..:P
Nice blog, btw...


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