Friday, December 21, 2007

An affair to remember !!!

A large airy bedroom, well ventilated, neat and tidy kitchen and living room and in a distance the pacific shoreline. Hell it made sense you know, this is the kinda place everyone needs and if its within walk able distance from office a mere 2.2 miles then nothing like it.

Even though walking across the free way wasn’t allowed meaning I need to walk another 10 more minutes, I was fine with it. So I made an appointment with the owner to meet him and to pay the deposit and move in to my new apartment, that I was supposed to co share with him.

On the appointed day I landed up to meet the owner, I was surprised that it was someone else and not the person mentioned in the ad, but hey never mind, lets talk business here. So we chatted for a while , talked about work, stuff etc and then

O: so what do you do during weekend?

Me: I divide my time between volunteering, driving classes and the library

O: Awww man that’s sweet of you, you keep the whole Sunday for your partner ?

Me: I am not married and I don’t have a girl friend either. Don’t think I would have one either ( smiled…)

O: Aah well no one cares about women these days my brother, this is SFO, you don’t need a f%^^#@$ Latina to satisfy your urges….

Me: Yeah ok !!!

O: So you and your mate hang out in which lounge?? I am sure we can all get together or better still if you are tired of hanging on to him, chuck him I know lotsa boys you would end up loving…

Me: (I spoke in english you bozo, but then didn’t want to sound rude) No thanks, I think I am fine being single for the time being

O: Ohh yeah I get your point ( pummels me with his tattoed iron fist) . You Indians are a smarter lot, no wonder you guys make so much money. I like your idea of a no strings attached, maybe I should try it once too

Me: Huhh… yeah .. smilezzz ( whatever that’s supposed to mean)

O: On second thoughts maybe you might wanna come with me to the tavern, it’s the biggest one out here, and after a few rounds of drinks lets go over to Daddy’s, they have an underwear party every Monday night…

Me: No thanks, I need to rush, can you please sign the lease papers so that I may leave.

At that point of time, the guy walks in, Mr O rushes out to molly cuddle him and looks at me winks and says “Be right back, my baby here needs some love” Feel at home, I will be back…

I cursed the new arrival, what a time to pop in grrr. He looked every inch a man, but seriously I thought there was something womanly about him too. I looked around, Mr. O's living room looked more like a gay bar, I could see pictures of Ricky martin with lip stick marks, a photo of his with another guy and then finally the bigger picture “He and the guy who just walked in looking very womanly in a definitely “made for each other pose”. And then reality dawned on me... this is SFO, this really is SFO.... …..

Last thing I did was bang the door shut and dart down the sidewalk running the full 1.4 miles to office. It wasn’t till I reached familiar surroundings that I stopped breathless

Now I understood what the supposedly night life in SFO was all about …..

Thank my stars I escaped as for the rest who didn’t get my point, read between the lines and it will be clear…

Still don’t get it type “daddys underwear party san Francisco” and you will see the real picture…

So much for night life in SFO …..


At Thursday, December 27, 2007 at 1:39:00 AM GMT+5:30, Blogger Vidya said...

Honestly man, the trouble you get into! :D


At Saturday, December 29, 2007 at 2:52:00 AM GMT+5:30, Blogger The Avenger !!! said...

@ vidya/-

suprised ya didnt it vids :) me too hehehe


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