Friday, December 07, 2007

It's a good thing !!!

I learnt a lesson and I learnt it the hard way. I can wave and rant and go on but I choose to write down the good part about it so here goes …

Its a good thing

  • To be hurt at times: You remember the feeling for a long time to come

  • To be positive: As at a cross road you meet someone who warms up at your smile

  • To be strong: Because you need it to carry things that other people trust you with

  • To be grounded: Because you may win this time, you may want to next time but you possibly may not win each time

  • To play with kids: Soon you realize you have a lot more in common with them.

  • To be understanding: The sooner you realize there was a reason the faster you know the control was not in your hands

  • To be supportive: As sometimes your mere presence can work wonders for their self confidence

  • To be flexible: For everyone will at some point of time demand your time

  • To look into their eyes: Then those myriad pools can no longer hold on to their murky colors.


  • It’s good to lend a hand: because that’s the power of human touch. Everyone needs it at some point of time….


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