Friday, December 14, 2007

The aftermath !!!

Just when the brouhaha over my last escapade was about to die down does come up a new issue. I was wondering how the ominous signs I tend to see didn’t pick it out.

Hell you know what, I can read palms, no kidding, I really can and I learnt it not to hold the fair sex hands ( gosh I cant believe I actually said that. I thought that trick failed after the 80’s) but initially as a matter of intrigue and later on to add to the scorpion curiosity, which entails knowing everything about your opponent and giving out nothing about yourself.

So here I am. As if one wasn’t enough, dear god is planning to test me once again, by steering my already leaky boat towards choppy waters. What strikes me more is the absolute planning behind this? I mean it couldn’t have come at an appropriate time.

Here I am all ready to settle down to my peaceful life in a foreign territory and he rewards me with a cheapo plaque as a performance award and a horridly mess in terms of a bigger heartache. Now to seal the effect he sends me another gift the likes of which I have never imagined.

Sometimes I feel, I was born a test bed. I keep wondering how he loves me so much that everyone of his “test plans” are run with me as its test bed. Just when I gather enough courage and patience to face another day, he send me another.

Now if it wasn’t enough that I am numb with fear till judgment day early January, he ensures that I will spend my Christmas and new year worried sick on how to keep a bold face and not let others see through the façade.

I would rather don a mask then let them see me in a different perspective you see they matter so much to me, that if not for me, for their sake, I just grind my teeth and bear it all. Every gloomy night is followed by morning and one day it may just dawn for me.

But just when I feel I have figured out what life is….someone just comes in and changes it all… just as I and guessed, he is hell bent on defeating me each day !!!!


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