Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Troubled mind !!!

I wrote then scrapped, then rewrote then scrapped and now finally when i can put pieces together i cant find what i wrote in the first place.

Darn it e-media was supposed to help us deliver but sometimes its such a pain. I mean i admit i too am at fault for scrapping and rewriting but then i have no clue how many times i rewrote the same stuff which explains why I am not happy with the final outcome.Undo and redo functions too have their limitations you see..

Now if only i had a mental machine that would type in stuff as it came to my mind, process it and then form a linkage between them, my job would be so easier...

Geez all this talk about artificial intelligence, neurological networks is so baloney. what is required is a full time interpreter who catches your mind waves, tracks them for you, edits them and finally delivers just the way you want it.

Now if only someone would volunteer to do that, i can sleep so peacefully...

Till then its just me and my mac for what happens when you dont have the best? you take what you have and call it the best and move on..

That's precisely what i am doing at this point of time....


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