Friday, November 02, 2007

Lunch, Love and my Cup of Noodles !!!

That’s it !!! I am tired of eating those cup noodles and I promised myself I wont have it anymore but each day when I am hungry I have them for lunch. Not that I have anything against them, but I am pissed at myself for being such a lazy bum you know.

Salvador Dali (my house owner) wants restricted cooking or rather light cooking. I call it going on a diet because that’s what it sounds to me you see. Whoever has heard of light cooking and since when did cooking some curry become light? Well it is if you are in my home country not otherwise. I personally don’t see myself steam some beef, add some pepper and salt and exclaim yummyyyyy !!!

Not my taste you see and besides “mujhe aangh pe kuch lagne wala chaiyee” ahem that’s slang for something that stuffs me read spicy and filling :). But I am not lucky as yet for another reason. You see when I first came to this country I just carried the basic kitchen stuff I would need. The rest I was assured would be available in the apartment that had been booked for me. Sure enough, most of the stuff was already there as also a lady whose room smelled like it is the hideout for skunks. But I had a gala time trying out newer stuff and feeding those hungry wolves who were my colleagues in office.

But then fate had other plans and one fine day, I had to relocate to this part of the world. This place reminds me of Bangalore, as I see more desis, lotsa traffic and of course a similar climate. I have to stay put for atleast 6 months as my work demands it and I actually have no option. Not that I regret it, the place is cool and I am enjoying it every bit never mind the memories it brings at times.

First, I need to get some kitchen stuff at some cheap hideouts. Second get a car and third get back with vigor to my first love “Eating”. Sometimes I pray real hard you know. Not that he doesn’t listen to me, he does especially when I give out a desperate call but then I don’t like to tax him much. There are some things I want and he knows it, the rest are not so important and he knows that too, trouble is what is important for me is not so important for him, and vice versa. This basically explains why I never get 100% of what I ask for hehe :). But i ain't complaining as I have learnt to adjust with what I have, still be greedy to the core and keep asking for more :)

So I hope some day he will listen and he will give me enough tax free money to splurge on to start my own restaurant. Ask me why ? because in that case I can bake a cake and have it too :). Plainly speaking I may never have to throw out the food since with me around, I am not sure if my customers would get enough hehe hahaha.

Now that I think of food I realize I am hungry and what am I going to have ? A freaking “CUP OF NOODLES”. Darn :( …….


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