Friday, October 26, 2007

Moral Policing

tich tich tich... all said and done now its moral policing in colleges back home. Heck you know what I am glad about? That I passed out long ago about 7 years to be precise. Guess what makes me happy? Well for starters no one bothered to know if we attended classes and second you could wear a bloody chaddi ( shorts as they say ) and come to class and while some would give you a "aagaya faltu" (" look a hippe" ) look , the rest of us would look on in amusement.

Had this been my case, I would have got myself slaughtered because for me dress code doesn't exist as yet. The recent mandate from one of the reputed colleges in my hometown says not to wear tee shirts to college and some actually turned away students since they wore tee's. How ridiculous!!!. Whatever happened to the truly cosmopolitan environment that was prevalent during my times. I hardly remember ever wearing a formal outfit while in college and neither did I on entering professional life until now tho.

The first 10-15 years our parents and school govern us ( is most cases its not bad). Next came college meaning the next 5-6 years is when youth and their ideas take root. I agree some kind of policing is important but just because there were no policing doesn't mean that most of the women on campus wore skimpy outfits or guys were all fatichar (hippe) kinds.

Neither can it be said that the "bhartiya nari " and the sabyatha conscious men were the ones you always and still look up to. Each side and I mean it, each side had its wolf in sheep's clothing. I can personally point out people who had pig tails in college and now work as senior managers for well known fortune firms as also women who wore mini skirts and are a happily married mother of 2 sari draped housewife.

The problem with us is this, we tend to make a lot of hullabaloo about everything and the second the decision makers think they are god, and their decisions are above reproach. While I am with you in some, I find that of lately I simply balk at the very idea you propose.

Restrictions if any and when backed with concrete ideas bear fruit. For e.g. dare anyone take a firearm with their on board luggage? I guess everyone is aware why its not allowed and none seems to mind either. For people who do mind, its time they wash themselves up first.

Similarly if you tell XYZ not to do this this and this and you back it up with definite reasons like ABC, EFG etc chances are they are more likely to follow. Makes sense but if you tell someone that you cant wear jeans because I want to prepare you for professional life that’s so ridiculous.

A small percentage and I mean it a small percentage of people decide and judge you based on your looks and your outfits. But having said that if someone comes up dressed in jeans for an interview I am sorry to say he is rejected because he doest have a clue what dressed for the "occasion" mean. As for professional life how many of us balk when we see a senior/junior guy wearing jeans and coming to office be it a Monday or otherwise?

Today we have so many ways in which we learn more about selling ourselves and creating an image and such. As for dress sense my lead came for a night out in a Sherwani and geez believe me he smelled more like a rotten tomato than a professional guy. Such faux paus are inevitable but where does this moral policing guarantee it will prevent such faux passes?

Is it that difficult to understand that while you are at will to police lets not impose unless there are drastic situations and enforcement is deemed mandatory? How would these policy makers feel, if the same students they are policing revert back with the demand that they wear khaddar to work, school or whatever? Khaddar is not everyone's taste and you wear what you are comfortable with as long as it’s not deemed a sore by the rest of your companions. I challenge them to come out with a list of majority people who swear jeans and tee's are sore to the eyes viz a viz something deemed "improper" like a mini skirt and a tank top.

Enough is enough, most of them are policed for long and its no big deal to give them "some" amount of freedom to lead another 4-5 years as they want albeit in check till work and professional pressures take them over.

I pity you guys, I seriously do because what we did back then are the same things that are being so cruelly taken away from you. Its true there were some sore eyes amongst out midst but a sizable percentage of us are truly the gentleman that education and freedom brings and we are truly glad for ...

I don’t know how far and to what lengths would these dictators go to, but given a choice I too would simply rebel and join your ranks because I believe education and freedom in the right proportion makes us a truly global citizen.

Can anyone say who support this decision enlighten me and back up their belief with "judicious" reasons??

I hardly think so.....


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