Thursday, October 25, 2007

Colors everywhere !!!

The white froth seamed from all sides. Hustled by the many obstructions they seemed to gained momentum as they rushed to the final outlet but not before handing out a quick wink and a “see you next time” whistle.

She was all around, all smiles and all set for the party. A myriad of colors greeted me at each stage and each corner. She was fiery at times, sometimes subdued and at times so moderate and conservative. It wasn’t just me who saw the change, the inhabitants did too and they joined me as we welcomed the beauty queen on her night out….

I stopped momentarily because he blocked the road. The sheer size gave us goose bums and the sparkling eyes coupled with the eerie atmosphere added to the ghostly setting. I looked right into the eyes of a moose and if you thought only wild animals are scary wait till you see one of them. You will see what I mean…

I stepped out and took one last look at her, darkness was falling and her thick blanket fit snugly around her, keeping her warm. Far away the light of the city greeted us across the bay…

Believe me when I say if there is anything more enticing than mother nature I would slap myself and I bloody well mean it.

(A bit delayed but better late than never, on location : New hampshire, vermont and south lebanon for their fall colors !!!)