Monday, October 01, 2007

City of "The Bay" !!!

It was a whirl wind trip across the city landscapes. I had just one day to spare and it was a jam packed schedule. The initial few hours were spent in meeting those long lost buddies who are in this part of the world and the evenings were reserved for my family namely my cousin sis and bro in law who reside her with her cute 1 year old daughter and my uncle and aunt.

Time sure flies and as the city tour ended today I must say I have achieved almost everything I had set out to do when I initially made the plan to come here. To talk about this city, it’s congested. I see a lot of people from my part of the continent and lesser locals here but I aint complaining. In addition this city is known as the Gay capital of the world.

It’s scenic, well kept and more importantly it entices you with its sheer beauty. Be it the suspension bridge or the impossible to escape prison nestled in the middle of the sea. Each of them has this propensity to attract you with its wicked smile.

A walk along the bay fuels that feeling of intrigue and its sheer beauty really enamors you. I could have walked for miles and miles along the shore but certain parts of it were closed for pedestrians and traffic darn my luck…

As is my style, I bought memorabilia nothing expensive just something that reminds me of where I had been and when. While the rest of the stuff was expensive I got what I wanted. I initially wanted to buy some shot glasses but then I don’t have a place to display them at least not now so I decided against it.

Those quaint little islands surrounded by the sheer expanse of the pacific ocean was so breathtaking. I remember taking out my cam to click some arial pictures but then decided against it given the paranoia related to air travel in this part of the world.

I am sure I loved the place. It feels like home for the simple fact that I have some friends here and an immediate family which means I won’t feel left out but then coming back or deciding to settle here is not in my hands. I had my chance to make an impression and I am sure I did a fair job, the rest as they say will happen…

Tomorrow I head back, and Tuesday I may be flying out to again to somewhere else but I admit I am looking forward to it. I just got the email from her that conveyed our “horror”scope don’t match. Not that it matters to me but I need time to convince myself that the escapade is worth the effort and that means come up with reasons to justify to people who mean so much to me why this should take place.

Some good some bad but all the same memories but I am trying my best to retain only the good ones while sift out the not to pleasant ones. As for her, I will need to think and come up with a solution real quick. It’s important and I am banking on the good times I had here to let me come up with a amicable solution for the quagmire I am in….


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