Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Aftermath !!!

i still haven't heard from them. i mean cmon maybe i am just getting antsy for no reasons whatsoever. its just 3 in the afternoon here and perhaps they are working on my case. to be very honest, i would be awfully surprised if they don't call back, sure i made a small mistake at the fag end of the meeting but all the same i would be really surprised if that works against me.....

You know its unnerving and a very hard feeling that maybe i let them down. Aah well atleast i did the best i could given the circumstances and i would never doubt myself on that...

its been 2 days since i got her email and i am still thinking over it. you see i am vacillatating between "thinking about it" to "taking action" and right now since my mind is clouded with other details, i choose to sit tight. this is not something that i can decide at the spur of a moment and like i said, if i decide to go ahead, it would require convincing a lot of people and these people mean a lot to me.

i am actually between the devil and the deep sea. on one hand is the reason why i came here and the other is the reason that may decide the course of my life. tell you what, my best bet would be to take it easy and decide when i am more composed. I certainly intend to do that.

i do hope i get to come back. sure traffic sucks as also the cost of living but yet i surely want to come back. whether i do time will decide. if you like to travel like i do living out of a bag wouldn't be a problem et all rather its taken as some of the perks that form an essential part of your personality :).

i have another flight to catch exactly 6 hours after i land and right now getting some good sleep and possibly a safe ride home are on top of my mind. Dont want to land up with the homicide department for not doing my homework.....


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