Sunday, July 29, 2007

Three meetings and a shocker !!!

One of those long lazy Saturdays when all that’s on your mind is to sleep, sleep and more sleep if not lazing out. I did just that till late morning when I realized I had to meet a friend in fact 3 of them and meeting each of them at the appointed time could mean sticking to my pre defined agenda with a tenacity not seen any other time.

So off I went to meet Ancient Mariner. Yeah it’s a guy and no I am not gay I am rather straight but then this meet was being on the radar for long and I am glad I could finally make it today. It’s always nice to meet people who think the same way as you do or rather on an identical wavelength if not the same. Needless to say we talked about everything with me even sharing my propensity to hate this shady character who seems to take on the role of “love interest” of a mutual friend.

Next stop a high octane bull rush chase through impeding traffic to my old flat at a bustling part of the city. Considering the accident I just had, I was wondering if I would make it on time but I reached exactly 2 minutes before the allotted time and as I parked and ambled towards the foyer, I could see my friend looking at her watch and smiling “Always on time huh !! I like that “I nodded wiping off the sweat from my palms as only I knew what it took to be on time :)

It was an analyst meet and we both were deeply engrossed on dissecting her data and using the slice and dice rule to evaluate the pro’s and cons of each. While normally I would just listen and let her do the talking this time around it was the other way around with me doing the talking and she the listening. The only thing that didn’t change was of course the argument that we need to get into just as we were about to conclude. 7 months of knowing each other and it’s this step that’s always repeated. Not that it matters we do appreciate each other the way we individually are which is why the next day all’ forgiven and forgotten and its time to begin the next fight Bring e’m on !!!.

It was nearing 9 when I left and I had just under 40 minutes to make it. I arrived a good 10 minutes early but then with the whole city out on the roads, I am glad I made it at least. We sat down for another round of coffee and chatted at leisure about those good old times. This whole meet and the trip came at a very critical time. My friend had a flight to catch in less than 3 hours and asking for a detour from the planned landing point was actually quite harsh but yet it was made without even a slight sign of exasperation sigh!! Well I am pretty lucky I still have people who quite willingly go that extra mile. As I dropped my friend at the airport, my hands went to my bag and I gaily handed out a fancy package that was my gift for the upcoming happiness in my friend’s life.

As the package changed hands and the boarding announcement came in, I was treated to a shocker. Those eyes they seemed to say all. I was dumb founded. It was a fact and it stared at me right at my face but then it was just too late. As the soft hands that engulfed my shoulders and chest moved away the uncanny silence and the restlessness in my eyes were felt right to the lowest strata but there was precious little I could do apart from managing a smile and a wave.

I watched the figure disappear and yet I could never figure out why after all this it hurt. I guess I was too selfish and lost in my own materialistic demands and want to even realize that being always around when needed was perhaps one of the reasons why I was noticed.

No doubt it hurt like hell for a long time over and with it my sense of being fair was also tarnished. God why the bloody #$$# am I so antsy then. I have half a mind to actually call Chaubey and land up at one of those snazzy pubs and get drunk like hell.

But then alcohol had never been one of my choicest beverages but then neither was milk. Besides the only good thing about getting drunk is I would just shut up which actually is a rarity considering I can go on and on and on and the second being I wouldn’t know a thing till next morning at the least and right now exercising my non existent brain cells was something I was quite averse to doing. I can’t believe I am actually going through this not when I had decided never again after one of my recent experiences.

It’s a classic case of wanting to cross the river but never actually taking a step to swim across against the tide!!!

Sometimes I can really curse myself like an old hag and actually go to sleep with those insults riding my mind till unconsciousness takes over alcohol or not and today was just the day!!

A new day awaits me tomorrow and hopefully with dawn those feeling of exasperation and helplessness would make way to a better day. I tell you these relations are an awesome thing but just make sure you leave your bag of emotions locked away since feeling too much is a sin and feeling too less a crime and somehow finding a mid point is just not the forte of mere mortals like me.

Dear God,

Please let me be the way I want to be sans all the emotions please. I honestly wish I had an inbuilt on-off button as I would really like to switch off when you do a rerun of those not so happy parts!!!

Good night.

The Avenger!!!.


At Monday, August 13, 2007 at 3:18:00 AM GMT+5:30, Blogger Vidya said...

Hmm...I understood all the way to your second meeting but please help me understand what happened after your third meeting. I can feel that you had a lot of emotions coursing through you.


At Thursday, August 16, 2007 at 12:40:00 AM GMT+5:30, Blogger The Avenger !!! said...

@ vidya/-

sorry for the delay my friend, been busy packing :) the emotions part is true vids, but i cant write all on the blog, send me a test email me at acesudhir@gmail and you will get ur ans :)


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