Thursday, May 31, 2007

And appreciated you are !!!

I won’t be famous nor would I exist in the limelight for long. Sure I had my fair share of basking in glory but I have consciously avoided being in the glare and would stand only and only if there is no other way out. Let’s just say my childhood experiences were a great teacher and have molded me this way.

So since I was asked today I thought maybe I should just try and qualify what would I say be an inspiration for me. Well for starters I don’t look for high status or an aura surrounding a personality. Sure by being famous you kinda tend to intimidate me at the onset but I guess I am yet to come across any “Famous” personality who can get me hooked all the time.

I had a Bollywood superhero sitting next to me on a flight and while others gawked I was just wondering how artificial he is even in personal life. He did everything to prove the same going over the same typical actions that have been repeated in each of his movies since I began to watch them… aaah so much for being a celebrity….

My inspirations have been typical commoners and sometimes a few high fliers. They are people who most of us can identify with. They are not the one(s) with the greatest talent, beauty or intelligence. Neither are they a hotshot career oriented personalities, new age gurus or worse still religious heads (as if we didn’t have enough of gods and goddesses, caste and caste wars, religions and religious fanatics).

But if you ask me, I wish I had their qualities. Sure I learned enough and I still am but I lack the courage, the planning or the dedication to pursue my life the way they do. Nope I don’t make them feel like demi gods or follow their whims and fancies to the core, rather I am ready to assail them when it’s required. But all said and done I am at times convinced their reasons are stronger than mine and hence the behavior is justified.

Makes sense doesn’t it. If someone can beat you with good and proven reasons than factual ones the sober ones would bow their heads and accept defeat. I feel no harm in doing so on the contrary I respect them for being unrivaled in their thinking and actions.

My inspirations in life have always been people who have loved a lot, and lost a lot including love. Their experiences are real and they are battle hardened and each experience only adds to their kitty of skills if not anything else. Yes they do lead a mediocre life, where in spite of the push pull factors surrounding their daily lives they live for the day and not tomorrow.

It was through one of those social sites that I met Ms X, sure nothing else was happening but as times flew up I realized there is so much about this person that I appreciate.

Never mind the fact that it’s all artificial but as the interactions grew I was convinced my analysis of X was correct to the core. In any case I was willing to face out the consequences of a not too exact profile picture.

Today we are worlds apart. Me in my own messy world where I compete in the rat race as that’s the way I was bought up and X in her world where things never seem to change.

I admire the ability to shrug things off and move ahead thinking “Well it could have been worse”. The nature of putting others before self and most importantly being content with what comes her way. I admire the courage, the desire to do good and most importantly to give without reservation in spite of the fact that things haven’t been ever “very good” for her since times immemorial.

I sure hope I learn to be happy the way you are so that when angels who bring in good times carry me out with them, I learn to appreciate it rather than worry about losing out or hurting someone else in the process.

I know you would come by and read this post and I do hope you understand how much you are loved, respected and appreciated albeit in my own small but insignificant way.

That’s the way I am and have been. Like I always say

I've always been interested in people, but I've never liked all of them and was never loved by all of them ... !!!

Thanks for making a difference …..

The Avenger !!!


At Saturday, June 2, 2007 at 10:23:00 PM GMT+5:30, Blogger Vidya said...

Neat thought! But I wonder what made you write this post?


At Saturday, June 2, 2007 at 11:12:00 PM GMT+5:30, Blogger The Avenger !!! said...

@ vids /-

Hellooo Ms Consultant !! where have you been ??? The jet lags over? :)

Well now that I am all set to leave on a Jet plane I thought I would rather put up a post than go unnoticed. :)


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