Sunday, March 04, 2007

Technically competent ! Technology wise clumsy !

My background is technology and I am proud of the fact, I work for the high tech industry. Sometimes I do feel narcisst to the extent of believing that I was born to work for this industry. But look at me now. I am terrified of technology of lately.

Guess why?? At the rate at which it keeps changing, what I feel is up to date information is obsolete any second. To top it all thing’s keep changing, what worked like this one moment works like that the other or doesn’t work at all and so on. Honestly my niece can handle the TV remote much better than I do. Today I am more terrified of high tech gadgets than I was a year ago.

Forget all that even this draft is written on a 13 year old word processor and unknown to me there is an autosave button that’s activated every 3 minutes and thus saves me the botheration of having to press control+S to save my draft everytime.

I didn’t even know the fact that increasing the virtual memory page file would allow me to multi task faster inspite of the fact that we all use memory management to balance load across our servers and workstations.

I mean I had read about it, but I wasn’t even aware that my lappie could be set the same way as I set a high end work station at work albeit with a subtle difference here and there.

Finally I concluded “it’s all fiction folks !!”. My knowledge about technology is as good as my understanding of the share market is as also equities, mutual funds and the works. If something I talk about especially on the technology front makes any sense to anyone or seriously approaches anywhere close to accuracy, it's probably a mistake!!!.

But I admit, technology itself is very real. I had the great luxury of working in this industry and I plan to be a part of it as long as I can. To be working here is all about being as creative as you can get. I do make mistakes and have got my behind kicked too, but all said and done, my work is all about knowing myself.

Each day a discovery, each second a growth, each working day a test of my dexterity. I adore technology and I must confess that given a chance I would still want to work in this industry than any other.

Thanks to the challenges that this industry gives, I guess I am quite ok with the fact that I know so less. I have met and faced so many challenges that the lesson they taught and the positive outcome they have had on my attitude is unrivaled by any other.

With reasons as this, I guess I still would want to continue in this industry than try my hand at any other, however good my skillset for the same be….

Aaah technology here I come………..


At Monday, March 5, 2007 at 2:09:00 AM GMT+5:30, Blogger Priya said...

Me not a high tech person and stay from things which makes me crazy:)


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