Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Terrific Tuesday !!!

What a terrific Tuesday I had. Its usually the dull Tuesdays for me, but this time I wanted it to be different and atypical it was :). I love to eat and had wanted to check out this newly opened restaurant around 20 minutes from my place. I landed up at the place before the designated time and within minutes so did my friend.

We had company, there were a couple of "her" friends who came in with "their" friends and the group totaled 8 of us. Well the more the merrier !! besides this mid week break is a welcome stress buster and we ambled towards the garden restaurant jauntily.

As we got into a cozy corner the salubrious conditions lead us to bring out our sprightly sides. Soon we had ordered one dish after the other on the menu and interspersed with light banter and some serious talk. we surely had a great time.

Today I met my friend again while coming back from office at the local bistro and she told me that a couple of her girl friends thought I was a nerd while the guys thought I was a sporty dude. I smiled, deep down I myself don’t know what I am. Lets just say I can be extremely silent one moment, rambling the other or belting out a vocal performance (croaking rather) the next. It happens, it all depends on my mood and the situation.

Well I assume this happened since I was the only "techie kind of job" guy there among the gang, who were all " MBA kind of job" guys. Why this assumes significance you may ask, read on.....

My life has all been about trial and errors. Let me just say, I still have no clue where I am headed but having said that I am spot on. If I find something that interests me, I am keen to do good in it. That probably explains why there seems to be no correlation between My education to what I blog, to what I do, to what I wear, to what I sound like, to what my hobbies are and so on………..

So to accommodate my new found pals I could do this
  • Drive myself to do stuff that are fundamental or expected from me on account of my "born with or exisitng" skill set and talents.
  • I could just do what I feel is right. Rather than being wrapped around the worldly fundas or a pre-made template build myself or gather and gain a niche skill that interests me and of course is found in lesser quantity.
Unfortunately rules bore me. Routine irritates and pretty soon the urge to break free is strong enough to drive me with it. I guess most of the not so bored readers who reached till this line must have guessed "I have the tendency to follow the second approach".

Lets just say I love to play different roles under different masks. The mask hides my feelings from the outer world but deep inside its still the same old guy. The same old person who’s grown up now, albeit reluctantly which explains why being different and varied seems so important to him !!!

Deep down he is still the same old guy anyone could relate to. All it takes is the urge to try. "Nerd" or any such endearments are just a small part amongst the varied roles he plays…..


At Thursday, January 11, 2007 at 6:15:00 PM GMT+5:30, Blogger Khushi said...

I think we all reflect our surroundings... some people's company could bring the best in you, some could bring the worst...
so, blame it on them ;) its all in the perception :D


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