Thursday, April 20, 2006

Whats in a SMILE !! Ask me how it FEELS

I happened to recently download a song Boulevard_Of_Broken_Dreams by Green Day. This was because I was fascinated by the lyrics. I happened to read them at one of my favorite blogs online and instantly felt a high degree of similitude between the lyrics and my own life just as the blogger had mentioned.

I’ve been listening to it since yesterday over and over again and that tune was humming in my mind like a never ending song. Post work, when I had enough of everything I trod back home happy that I may not have to work this weekend since I might take an off especially since the release is tomorrow and 99% of the deliverables are ready.

There is this colleague in office who at the very first meeting had put me off. In fact to be honest it was the pathetic attitude that served as fuel to the hatred. I would always try my best to avoid speaking to her or even returning her emails or offline messages because of the same reason.

Today as I was walking down mid afternoon for lunch, my buddy just lagged about a few meters away from me apparently to tie his shoe lace. All of a sudden the door opened and she appeared at the doorway. One look at her and I knew something was wrong. While I actually wanted to turn away, I thought it’s not the correct thing to do and hence smiled appreciatively at the figure in the doorway. The return smile was weak an exhausted smirk which made me ask in mock concern " You all right ??, You don’t seem to me at least". A feeble noise followed, and she remarked that from morning her throat has gone completely. She had a strange feeling of uneasiness in her, accentuated with a coarse sound coming from within her as she tried to answer my questions.

I was too bothered to satiate myself than anything else and muttering a "You will be fine , take care buddy" I vanished in a trance. As I gorged on a plate of dry tortilla's and a heavily burnt curry, the tune began humming in my mind, putting me in good spirit. My buddy and I chatted animatedly with lots of banter amongst us. Finally as I got up to wash my hands and get back to work that I thought about Ms Attitude.

I felt kinda bad since I too had a throat infection sometime back and I vividly recall how difficult it was to get to speak even the commonest words like a "Thank you". As I took an afternoon walk around our campus, I decided on my next course of action.

The next step was me walking down the corridor to her seat. As she looked at me and mumbled a feeble Hiiii !! I sportingly dropped a package in her hands. She asked nervously What is it ??? I said "This should make you feel better".

She hurriedly tore away the package to reveal slabs of throat lozenges. Weakly she said Ohhh thanks !! I dont think I will need so much tho and smiled.

I grinned back and said "Keep it mate, that’s the least I can do for the constant emails and messages you send considering the fact that I don’t even get time to reply to most of them !!! (Well I was lying through my teeth while saying this I admit). Get well soon

I waved a good bye and started humming in my mind

"I walk a lonely road

The only one I that have ever known

Don't know were it goes

But its home to me and I walk alone

I walk this empty street

On the Boulevard of broken dreams

Where the city sleeps

And I'm the only one and

I walk alone

I walk alone

I walk alone


I looked back as I started walking and I saw a smile on Ms Attitude's face, a smile so radiant that its glow could be felt looooooooooooooooong after the sun set ....

Thanks Suk's, This post is especially for you for giving me the spirit and the reason to do something good in the course of this mundane existence and also not to forget for sharing such a wonderful song.......

I walk alone

I walk alone

I walk alone ......... :-)


At Friday, April 21, 2006 at 10:57:00 AM GMT+5:30, Blogger Sukanya said...

hey..thats a real nice gesture..makes me feel happy that i was indirectly responsible :-)


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