Sunday, April 09, 2006

Marriage Eaaaaaaahhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!

Darn another round of relatives coming over and that means another session of endless, irritating, mindless questions and pep talk. Goddddddddd !!! I can be an actor considering the fact that I tolerate these small talk and put on my best act of obedience personified during these stupid sessions.

At 27 just because my friends and class mates are married or tying the knot this year doenst mean I too have to do it. Some of them come up with absolutely ludicrous reasons as to why I should start girl hunting. Here is an example " Getting married at a proper age is a necessity"

Ok fine, so what decides a proper age ?? Is it some kinda system like you go to a market and ask for a 1 Kg of stuff and he weighs the same and gives you ???. So same way i go before my elders and they decide that i am of proper age for marriage and i lend my neck to anyone who would care ?

I have my own plans, my own dreams which i am just beginning to live. I dont care what people say about age and stuff and generic or other reasons about marriage. I am not in a frame of mind to form a commitment and let my dreams float around since now that i am married i have to work things out from a different perspective.

I just wish people understand that like every important thing, marriage too is a sacred bond. For it to be fruitful it requires patience, understanding and above all a commitment towards the relation. These things cannot be judged or as is mostly the case misjudged in those few meetings that a person gets before getting tagged. Besides that I find the tradition of going over to see a girl more pathetic than anything else.

Given my frame of mind and my reluctance when it comes to marriage I just hope someone take's time to understand that I too have a life, a freedom i cherish and above all plans and aims which need to materialise before I decide on this.

As for marriage it can WAIT come what may. My life has just begin and I want to cherish every moment of it as a singleton rather than burden myself with an additional responsibility in addition to the existing ones.


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