Sunday, April 23, 2006

Life as a BACHELOR !!

It was a privilege to call myself a bachelor. Somehow everything that had a Bachelor in it attracted my attention right from my degree certificate to a bachelor’s party. I still tend to believe “BACHELOR” tends to have a soothing effect to most men.

Of lately things have been changing rapidly. One night at a very odd hour (2 am to be exact ) my phone rang. It was my pilot friend and college mate, an uneasy reminder how our work schedules makes us forget propriety and politeness.

My Friend: In a breathless voice beamed

"Mr Roxy, wake up its morning man”.

Still sleepy I looked at my cell to check the number and fair enough it’s him.

I mumbled

Me: “ Mr. Pilot, I just came in about 2 hours ago, what’s happening, How come you called me at this time” all in one single stretch."

My Friend: "I just called to give you some good news."

Me: “Ohh is it , you got a promotion ?? “

My Friend: “Naaaaa !! I am getting married”  :-)

So that's how it is. Another one bites the dust. Now he won’t have to face the perils of being a bachelor. Yes Sir !!! At a more earthy level, he will not face the awkward looks people give to us with BACHELOR status.

They are not welcome in residential areas. Bachelor’s party makes noise round the clock. They go after the neighborhood girls. They don't respect the norms of the colony. They come in groups...They booze, They are unclean, Atheist, non confirmer etc etc….

Anyway, I learnt my lesson: Bachelors don't have all the civil rights that 'normal' citizens enjoy. But then, my question is “what do bachelors have that makes many a married guys cherish the memories of his long-lost bachelorhood?”

Quite frankly being a bachelor is a great feeling. As bachelor(s) we have fewer restrictions if any. I am quite sure everyone will agree that except for renting an apartment and walking into those stupid 'couples only' clubs, bachelor(s) can have everything else.

We get up at any time, keep our places messy, leave our food and drinks where we finished it for servants or others to clean it, and most importantly sneak into the office unnoticed when others get ready for lunch.

We can sit to almost any time in front of the computer without worrying about anxious where-are-you calls. We can stay away from the house for days and no questions are asked. We can eat, drink, and stay out late late in the night unlike others. We do whatever we want on the weekend, in the company of our friends... In short nothing is a routine and parties, picnics and outings happen at our own whims and fancies.

Yes. Friends are the most important aspect of any bachelor's life. Without them he practically has no existence, especially if he's staying away from home.

But then one day, over the thundering music and the first round of cold beer in a dimly lit pub, my friend announces his plans to get married to this cute girl that someone else had found for him. Over the double cheers, the naughty comments and laughter, I become aware of something odd, something that dims my enthusiasm, and something that hurts me somewhere.

My friend's getting married. Of course it's something to celebrate. But then, that also means he's leaving the gang! (I saw this symptom on most of the guys present). Now except for 3 of my friends (Harish, Madhu, and Umesh) everyone is set to tie the knot if not already tagged]

I attended his wedding, the most colorful function of his life, in full spirits. All of us bachelors and married friends alike. We had quite a good time and reveled and indulged in joyous banter. We give him gifts, wished him good luck, and gave him tips on how to tackle women (most of the guys including me think we are experts in understanding women after all! Geez, how I wish it was true) and retreat to our good old world, one member less.

It does not take much time before we find him reduced to much-delayed replies to our bunch of mails, and as for phone calls that comes only once in a blue moon.

For my part, I watch the pile of wedding invitations in the corner of my desk grow at an amazing, alarming pace. Before I know it, most of my cool buddies are gone. And the rest of us soon realize that we are not always welcome to the new circle the married men have formed. So we seek solace behind those office doors where the sun never sets.

I do meet my married friends occasionally. In the office, on a casual walk, or in a busy restaurant. They are my friends still. And they are still friendly as much as their new lifestyle and added responsibilities permit.


Oh heck, here’s another phone call and a courier guy at the door.

Geez , I don’t believe it, Its Harish on the phone, he is getting tagged soon enough and the courier is from Madhu he is losing his BACHELOR status in exactly 2 months.

Ahhh !! another invite for the pile. Another casualty from the “COOL” gang.

That leaves just me and Umesh to fend for ourselves….. Ah well there is nothing much to do so heee hooo and it’s off to work we go !!!!

:-) :-) :-)


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