Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Feeling the pain, a TWIN story !!!

It’s been immortalized by movies wherein one twin feels a pain and the other senses it and vice versa. Quite recently the Hindi movie "Judwa" if I am not mistaken dealt with this phenomenon I believe. If my memory serves me right, another Jackie chan movie had the same theme.

All said and done It’s a fact at least in my case that whenever I have fallen sick or am in the process my twin sister has felt the same. Sounds quite astounding isn’t it but it’s a fact. Take for example me working the night out to finish off an assignment I had. Not because I had not planned it out, but I guess that’s the thing about software and OS. They never seem to behave the way you want them to be, especially when you try and plan activities with them being the central theme.

In my case, I had worked till 11.30 and then came to the lab after dinner at around 1.00 in the night, cycling in the chilly English weather. The moment I entered my lab, I could feel the chill down the spine, and I knew I am not quite feeling well. But work was important and I went on with my assignment. Towards early morning, somewhere around 6.00 / 6.30 I was all done. After doing the electronic submission, I trod back home once again enduring the early morning fog. it’s surprising how every element in the world conspires to spoil your mood especially when you are not in the best of health.

Wonder of wonders, by the time I woke up mid afternoon, I just could not stand up. My body was so hot that you could even make an tortilla on my chest. I just made a quick call to my best buddy who stayed on campus and told him to book an appointment with the doc. He came to my place in a cab and helped me get to the health center and back home. The doctor confounded my worst fear. It was viral flu and to confound it further I had a severe throat infection possibly affecting my larynx.

I stayed put till mid evening on the pain killers provided but my discomfort was increasing with every passing minute. At last I decided to make a call home, seven seas away. As I came down from my room upstairs the phone began to ring. The sound was distinct and in my heart I could sense it should be from home.

I picked up the call and in my non existent voice somehow rattled "Heloooo", the voice at the other end was an unmistakable audible. "Sudhir, you ok, did you eat, what are you doing, is everything all right". Only one person in the whole world has got the remarkable ability to shoot questions with such intensity, faster than an AK-56. No marks for guessing who it is !!!

Before I could rattle off what my problem was she has sensed it, and her home remedies followed. Gargle with salt water, eat warm food, avoid curd, stuff with oil, spices etc since it spoils your throat and so on.

Finally what seemed like an eon she replied, "You know since yesterday I am getting this feeling that something is wrong that’s why I called though I know its early morning for you and my gut feeling was right"

While this can be construed as a stray case, mind you there are numerous cases when I have felt the same and vice versa. Mentioning all that on this blog would make it come out as one of those SOAP opera's you keep seeing on television and honestly that is not my intention.

Having said that it gives me a mixed bag of feelings when something like this happens. I mean what exactly could be construed as a reason for this phenomenon. While I have heard of telepathy and like wise stuff I guess it has more to do with genes in my case.

Whatever be the reason I am not COMPLAINING and I am very happy about the fact that wherever in the world I am, someone at least senses my feelings no matter how closely related it is......


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