Sunday, April 09, 2006

Darn those Perverts !!!

Its been less than 4 days since i got the invite from one of my best friends to join her online portal as well as develop mine. Thinking this would be a good one, I spent all my time getting in all my contacts and friends world over whom i would want to be in touch with since I wanted this to be a private world.

Things went on pretty smoothly and within 4 days i got most of my friends to sign up and developed a network of friends. Most of them I was getting a chance to talk to after almost 2 years or so and it was a very pleasant experience for me.

Today late evening I got a call from a friend of mine who's in US. She started yelling at me for being a snob and doing this perverted kind of stuff. Taken aback, I asked her what is she talking about. This was the moment of truth for me and what unfolded was perhaps the biggest tale of debauchery that has happened to me so far.

Apparently someone had viewed my profile and had taken one of my pics and posted it in his profile. This so called XYZ happened to be a moderator for some kinda sex chat group. This would not have been found at all had the moderator not done the mistake of sending out an invite to my friend itself.

All said and done, its damnning and I am left to wonder who the hell this pervert could be and what an audacity he has to take the pic. In anycase cyber crime laws are virtually non existent in my country and as long as this situation exist I am pretty sure I can jst sit around and suck my thumb.

First thing i did was take away all the pics that were there on the portal and share this piece of news with my friends. The next was to log an official complaint with the portal guys. I am pretty sure nothing much would be done, but atleast they may take congnizance of the complaint and either ask the moderator to withdraw the pic or else shut down his forum.

I guess its my good fortune I found it out sooner than I thought so maybe the damage was contained. As for what else can this lead to , all i can do is sit and wait wht other problems come along with this.......

TIME WILL TELL .........................


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