Friday, April 07, 2006

Are we really doing visible work ???

AAh finally the weekend is here. Been waiting for it all through this week partly because it was a hectic week, with back to back work and bull shit coming in from all sides. Add to it my new found passion of going for parasailing.

Well i guess been at the top gives me the kicks since staying in my present firm all i do is work like a donkey and carry the load from here to there and so on. So whats the agenda for the week ?? nothing much jst laze around home,fix the remote, eat at the new restaurant with Ashwin my good o'l buddy at the Univ and just have a gala time. On the professional front i very well intend to start my preparation for the balance score card. this should be interesting.

On thing i found strange was the lack of company sponsored mechandise for our india development center. Can you believe it, we actually dont have any company related material like cups, tee's , diskettes, dairies etc that can be bought or gifted. Everywhere a company would either gift their merchandise on demand or ask for a nominal cost to pay off the costs incurred but out here we dont have any such stuff.

I mean an employee is the best advertisement that a firm can have and here we are with nothing to show out for. Believe me, a colleague and me spent atleast an hour searching our internal sites for any links or information regarding company sponsored mechandise and except for europe and US, there was no India specific site :-(. How ridiculous can it get. I mean here we are doing all the high tech jobs at 1/4th price and we cant get company related stuff since its not available here.

I very well intend to take this matter up with the concerned sources but honestly speaking I am tired of this step motherly treatment. I had some small pep talk between senior management guys and i found it quite true that although we work our butts out, we dont have much of a visibility. The solution to this would be to do what work is being done out there and do it better and show that we are worth much more than the paltry sum that trickles down to us. Unfortunately every indian including me believes that this is an impossible task and we cant do much about it. How i wish we get along or build a group of people around the likes of sam pitroda or narayan murthy and teach them a thing or two.

Hopefully it will happen soon.


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