Thursday, December 20, 2012

Are WE human?

To my nation which is filled with testosterone, masala films, kamasutra, deep cleavages and the works. As a nation all we care about is the plunging necklines and the quick dekho .. that's it. Be it the newspaper, the neighborhood, or even our work place.

We are filled with gossip, lowest rates of morality and are medically a rare species because our hormones are all over the place traversing a common pathway to our organs. When the heat we generate amongst our all consuming bodies is not enough, we still look for more. Nothing less than a nuclear fission satisfies us. I doubt even a intensity that high would do and i guess Mother Nature does not yet have any cooling mechanism to lessen the heat. 

The poison is in our hearts. In our minds and of course in our veins. Where physical intimacy, discharging our filthy DNA is paramount, everything else takes a back seat, yes it does and it always did. we are a nation of eunuchs, i am sorry that is a insult to enuchs.. i am sure their morality rates are higher... we are a nation of bastards, born out of a inhuman existence. we live only to procreate by any means and anything living is just our means of getting there.

I cant ask you to guard your girlfriends, mothers, sisters or the works. Hell on second thought i would ask you to guard your brother, son, friend, grandfather and even your pet dog. In fact anything that can reliably be deemed a living being of the male species needs to be guarded. Oh mothers, sisters, girlfriends of this world, please guard your male species. Please teach us to fear "FEAR", teach us things that only fear can teach.

As for the male species if you can read and understand this i sure hope that there is fear in you ! A fear that instills a feeling of righteousness in you, a fear that kindles your lust seeking vision, a fear that tugs at your heart, a fear that makes you see a woman as a gift, a guide and more importantly a important companion in our otherwise miserable existence.

My prayers go out to the family and everyone related to them. May no father, no mother and no nation ever be required to face this gross injustice. May god and the people shower the choicest abuses, insults and injury to every @#$@$#@#$% testosterone high male species amongst us humans whose only aim in life is to discharge his tool. May the punishment be so severe that every inch of the rot residing within his frame shudder at the mention of it. Until then good luck ladies and gentleman !

Its at moments like this that I feel paranoid and animalistic. Its at times like these that i want capital punishment. Its at times like this i love fear. To all my living companions who share the family's grief and keeps them in their prayers, Thank you !

To the rest of the bastards out there, may you rot in HELL of course this should be after we have lynched every visible piece of you that ever existed !!!


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Love this! Keep blogging!


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