Sunday, December 09, 2012

A beginning !

Often times i have mused over why and what caused the ultimate demise of the so many things in me. While i can spend ample amount of time talking about stuff that put me off track, the primary reason i believe is my inability to manage and to take control.

I am due for a vacation in another 2 weeks. More importantly this is my first real vacation in 3 years. Of course the trip is contentious, the planning vague and the things to look forward to still a blur, but whats been true so far is being cash strapped, more money to roll down the drain and of course coming back broke to start all over again. But hell ! i guess that is something that is inevitable, considering the fact that i am now a NRI.  I realize now why the NRI's are known as the Non Returning Indians !!!

So lets start the end of this year with the belief that i would be able to blog regularly. Maybe not much but at least a post a week. Life is catching up, kids, home, work i guess they will remain for a long time to come, i now need to get back to my grove. Work and stuff will always be a part of me, but activities i so dearly cherish are in my blood and i just need to bleed once a week ...

Hopefully, I will be able to keep this !


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