Sunday, May 01, 2011

Godmen and C P !!

I am a big fan of C P Surendran, not because like him, I seek an identity myself but perhaps the fact that his writings are so very much spot on. Infact people with average IQ can follow what he says and identify with him. Best of all, he asks questions or throws light on facts that the common man would ask. I am yet to come across anyone who can write so fluidly..

Now why did I mention him, in the first paragraph, well the reason would be clear at the fag end of the post. Now that finally the so called GOD has been laid to rest, print media would get something else to write about. For starters, I do not need to see all the celebrities tweeting their hearts out for this man, neither do I need to see someone I immensely respect as a sports person, shed tears for him.

It was kind of shocking to see Sachin Tendulkar with moist eyes for this man, but the more I reasoned about it, the more I felt that despite having 350+gods, we STILL take refuge in godmen/women. Why do we need this? What could possibly be the reason that eastablished and the most sane people chuck everything out of their life and follow these guys ? Would I ever ? I hope I never. I mean in terms of faith, I maybe a tad lower than my better half but come what may I just don’t see myself stopping for a visit to any godman or woman no matter what.

We have come a long way from being a archaic ideaology driven caste based society to its present form. True a lot of things still need to change but I guess most of us if not all have atleast 50% less complaints from our religion, whatever it maybe as compared to our predecessors. The winds of change have mostly left us with a sense of belonging to a sect most of the time.

What has perhaps not changed et all is our dependence on godmen or intermediaries that the supporters would like to call them. Whether we need them or not is debatable of course but I cant help but chuckle everytime someone advises me about any such folks. Maybe I am the lucky one, I just had to pray and my problems were resolved. I still feel more at peace going to a temple and sitting around than going to a satsang or prancing around showing my faith. I certainly hope I stay like that till I go six feet under …

And now as a parting thought let me leave you guys with this article, which would give reasons for my first para, ask a few questions to both supporters and detractors alike and hopefully leave you smiling if not a chukle …


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At Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 7:03:00 AM GMT+5:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With their "tax and spend" rhetoric the gods have effectively used the Republicans to transfer responsibility for the $14 trillion national debt to the Democrats.
Ronald Reagan spent the communist block into submission with defense buildup, and in the process increased the debt from $1 trillion in 1980 to $6 trillion when he left office.
W charged both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to the national debt, honest numbers to come.
Recall Clinton ran a surpuls at the end of his Administration. Fueled by low petrolium prices, understand how the god's other tools were used to create this "revelry cycle", one which assures people have little motivation to pursue the path and repair their relationship with the gods, for contentment never motivated anyone.
As the gods used W to initiate the recession with deliberate legislation changes, ones which allowed the sub-prime fiasco and corporate irresponsibility which led to the multi-trillion dollar stimulous package, expect this wasn't the first Republican-led attempt or the beginning of the god's "reverse positioning" strategy designed to create an enviornment to motivate people. Much like the immigration issue, where the intent of the vocal masses contradicts the god's true intent of clue warning against coming to the US, many (most) conservatives and those capitalizing had alterior motivives to these eras of "deficit spending":::::
With legislation facilitating temptation to those who are in position the gods have created a trap, much like the tax code and other examples throughout the economy, which will be addressed in these individual's future lives, and fulfills the goals of motivation the gods have laid out for the peasantry:::The gods prey on the wealthy with temptation too.
These are FINE examples of steps the gods took to ensure a sufficiently deceptive environment as the masses began to understand the god's sytem and methodology. For those who would listen I was used to assist people to rapidly increase their understanding of this system. Unfortunate for me, the gods can claim they never intended this, despite being control freaks who guide everything specifically and have the power to force it with AI, and now they are free to fuck my brains out subsequently. Lucky me.

The gods have been buttfucking me since i was a child and I have had enough.

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